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Women And Muscle 2007-02-03
Welcome to my new poll. With the excellent response from my Calves poll I've started this one jus...
do you wear a jockstrap. 2009-08-08
do you wear a jockstrap for sports
Heated Athletic Gear Market Research 2011-04-23
Research to discover whether my product would be beneficial.
Who would win in wrestling 2016-10-23
Who would win in wrestling
Weight-Training, Sports and Life Survey 2017-06-27
A survey about the weight training-intesive sports (like competitive weightlifting, Strongman com...
Who is stronger?Boys or Girls 2001-10-11
Are girls stronger than boys or not?
high school athlete's massages 2002-05-23
I'm a 16 year old male and I've been doing athletics at a high school level for 4 years now. We h...
Many guys prefer making their opponent give up rather than just pinning him or going for points. ...
Wrestling teens 2004-02-18
Heres some questions for the gurls.
Way Cheerleaders Dress 2006-06-05
I am taking a poll on where and how cheerleaders put on their uniform and take off their uniform.
Girls: have you got muscles? 2007-04-03
Searchin for muscle girls
stronger smaller lighter younger girl 2008-03-03
i've allways seen that the stronger girl are often a lot bigger I was wondering if there where sm...
Girl coaching boys 2009-02-04
I am Sarifina D'Italia. During the summer, my niece Thersea found that one of the teams in the ...
Gymnastics & Attire 2009-05-28
Why don't more girls wear leotards for more reasons? Please note this poll is for girls only.
speedos 2010-01-01
BOYS ONLY! and ages 8-12 ONLY!
Are teen girls (ie, ages 13-17) stronger than me? 2013-07-08
I'm a grown guy, slender, 160 lbs, not real strong, I can bench press maybe 80 lbs ten times, do ...
I used to Wrestle! and the Sleeper was always my winning move! This poll is for ALL Guys / Boy...
For guys - your ideal outfits for sportswomen 2016-06-05
In an ideal world, what would you like to see women wear for sports competitions (either encourag...
Armwrestling me 2016-09-29
I'm a guy, 1,75m 68 kgs, my biceps are 12" (30,5cm) unflexed and 12,6" (32 cm) flexed. ...
Tough girls vs. girls and boys 2004-02-04
OK, so a lot of girls are weak, but many boys aren't as tough as they're cracked up to be either....
Girls Wrestlin 2004-10-04
Hey ladies if you're like me, you love kicking loser guy's butts in wrestling, this is open to you
Cartoonnetwork vs Nickelodeon 2006-07-12
This is a vs's poll.What is better.
Working out and shirtless confidence (guys only) 2007-06-04
To the guys who work out (pump iron) regularly-have the results from weight training improve your...
abs 2011-08-23
boys and girls how much abs do you have?
Wrestling with celebs 2015-03-02
How would you do against celebrities in an all out competitive wrestling match.