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Modern day gladiators 2015-05-19
Imagine if the sport of Gladiators was reintroduced, but with similar rules to the original sport...
Batman Family Wrestling 2015-07-22
Superheroes and villains from the Batman family in wrestling matches... who wins?
Best NHL players ever 2001-01-06
This poll is to determine who everyone thinks are the greatest hockey players of all-time.
Boys only: is you girlfirend stronger than you 2003-09-11
I've recently found out that my hot girlfriend was so much stronger than me when she challenged m...
mixed wrestling poll (males only) 2005-05-26
if your a male and like to wrestle the apposite sex take this poll
Have you ever been beat up by a your younger brother 2005-10-19
Have you ever been beat up by a your younger brother?
Cartoonnetwork vs Nickelodeon 2006-07-12
This is a vs's poll.What is better.
Swimming in layers 2008-01-05
Do you like swimming in many layers of clothes? (GUYS ONLY) If you swim in different sets of...
Lacrosse vs. Baseball 2008-02-15
Which sport is better? The long time question actually answered.
Your jockstraps 2010-06-16
Your jockstraps
Playing Soccer Barefoot 2014-03-14
For people who HAVE played it or want to... Really, it's just a bunch of questions about Bar...
Who are the Sexiest Babes in Womens' Tennis? 2015-11-16
Here's your chance to compare and vote for some of the sexiest ladies to ever pick up a tennis ra...
Are you happy to see Ben Simmons in 76ers uniform? 2016-06-25
<img src = "https://s31.postimg.org/ph4o2ny97/ben_simmons.jpg">
Weight-Training, Sports and Life Survey 2017-06-27
A survey about the weight training-intesive sports (like competitive weightlifting, Strongman com...
men against women in sports 2002-03-27
The poll is about winners in men vs women challenges in sports
Many guys prefer making their opponent give up rather than just pinning him or going for points. ...
Tough girls vs. girls and boys 2004-02-04
OK, so a lot of girls are weak, but many boys aren't as tough as they're cracked up to be either....
Wrestling teens 2004-02-18
Heres some questions for the gurls.
Fully Clothed Swimming 2006-04-18
There are a large number of people around the world who swim fully clothed. In some parts of the ...
stronger smaller lighter younger girl 2008-03-03
i've allways seen that the stronger girl are often a lot bigger I was wondering if there where sm...
do you wear a jockstrap. 2009-08-08
do you wear a jockstrap for sports
Are teen girls (ie, ages 13-17) stronger than me? 2013-07-08
I'm a grown guy, slender, 160 lbs, not real strong, I can bench press maybe 80 lbs ten times, do ...
My mom wrestles professionally 2014-04-14
Fans of seeing there mom in a wrestling situation, be it pro ring, mat or bikini.
Wrestling with celebs 2015-03-02
How would you do against celebrities in an all out competitive wrestling match.
Let's decide the best rule of boy vs girl martial arts 2016-04-23
I think groin shot can be the equalizer when a boy and a girl fight. Both of their weights are al...