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Mixed Wrestling, Boxing, Fighting - You vs. Me 2013-01-17
I'm going to mix it up a bit here. Girls - how would YOU do in a mixed bout against ME? That's ri...
Hurting your balls in sports 2008-06-02
Hurting your balls in sports
pound for pound who's stronger? Boys or girls? 2009-10-23
Well heres the story, I am a physical education major at college and we were talking about the di...
Am I over weight 2015-09-14
I need to find out if I am healthy and fit
Who is stronger?Boys or Girls 2001-10-11
Are girls stronger than boys or not?
mixed wrestling (to finish the discussion) 2006-01-16
What if a man wrestled a woman with the same spirit he wrestles a man? What if a guy stopped unde...
Leotards-is there another choice ? (Females Only) 2008-08-19
Leotards are outdated/uncomfortable to wear, but Females in certain sports/ballet, have little ch...
girl vs guy wrestling 2009-08-05
girl vs guy wrestling
would you wear a speedo if........ 2009-09-23
would you wear a speedo if........
middle school wrestling 2010-04-26
middle school wrestling
PE punishment 2013-02-21
I have recently had a lot of school vs school PE lessons and the guys seemed to have more effo...
More headscissor questions for the girls 2004-12-09
More questions about girls who headscissor other girls.
Emma Watson versus Hermione Granger 2006-05-10
What would happen if Emma fought Hermione?
strong girls 2006-05-13
Are girls getting physiccaly stronger? Or are people only assuming that they are? If it is fact...
Men's Locker Room 2010-03-26
attire for men in the locker room
Ultimate female muscle 2010-07-05
For all female muscle fans, if you had the chance to be with a muscular woman for one night, what...
Wrestling Singlets 2001-11-09
This poll is for lovers of wrestling singlets. These are the one-piece suits that amateur wrestle...
Teen Bodybuilding 2005-03-10
This is to discover at what age you started bodybuilding and your reason as to why
Naked, when and where? 2005-05-26
When you practice sport, there are many times to be naked: shower, when you change, and so on. Wh...
decent cheerleaders survey 2006-03-22
Hi, I just started cheering this year and like it. However, I don't like it when guys act like pe...
What will be the effect of Draymond Green suspension in Game 5? 2016-06-13
The league reviewed the clash between LeBron James and Draymond Green in Game 4 of the 2016 NBA F...
2016 USA Olympic Women's Gynastics Team Arm-Wrestling 2016-08-22
Who do you think would win in an armwrestle? Don't pick your favorite, pick who you think would w...
Mixed wrestling 2016-12-06
Mixed wrestling
The Ultimate Swimming poll for teen guys 2003-08-07
This is a poll for teen guys only about swimming.
Mixed Wrestling 2006-07-14
Hello, take a minute to vote on my new poll. Whats your fave style, fave attire, fave lady etc