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Should jockstraps be required for middle school basketball? 2006-12-04
My family moved this summer and I am going to a new school this year. I'm in the 8th grade. Since...
How many SPLASHES can the Brothers deliver tonight? 2016-06-10
Since Game 1 of the 2016 NBA Finals, our beloved Splash Brothers seems off. Tonight in Game 4, do...
Role of Sports in High School 2017-01-27
Role of Sports in High School
Saugus High School sports 2017-01-27
Saugus High School sports
boys wrestling poll 2008-06-02
Boys only wrestling poll
sister vs brother 2003-08-26
my sister 18 always pins me down, sit on my face and fart so i wanted 2 no if any of u have a si...
Wetsuit lovers 2015-01-02
You LOVE wearing wetsuits? Just tell me why
Testicle Injury 2001-09-24
A pole to find out how many guys out there have ever been hurt in their testicles.
The Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin 2011-04-09
Two of the greatest WWE superstars of all time.
Wrestling: Women vs. Men Challenge 2002-01-03
This poll is designed to determine how women and men feel they would or did react to a mixed wres...
Men boys vs. women girls at sports: battles of the sexes 2002-05-28
Determine how common girl vs. boy and man vs. woman sporting competitions are, and the typical ou...
MILE TIMES- High School Sophomore Guys ONLY 2004-12-28
I am considering going out for track this spring and was wondering what the average time for a hi...
Speedos for Guys 2010-09-03
I'm a swim teen love to be in the pool. This poll is about all speedos and types of suits for gu...
girls wrestling with their sister 2004-12-03
just wondering how many girls wrestle with their sisters frequently.
Girl Fight Poll (girls only) 2006-03-20
This poll is about how girls think about fighting.
Cycling Stars 2011-02-14
Who will win the Tour de France this year? Who has brains and golden legs?
Sports 2017-07-29
Read the questions and answer them about yourself
Wrestle with Celebs 2004-01-07
Guys - How do you think you would do wrestling against these female celebrities?
Guys and Girls nude swiming clubs 2006-01-11
I live in the U.S. and have recently joined a coed nude swim team.i wanted to know if other towns...
Mixed Wrestling Poll 2006-02-24
This is a poll about mixed, male vs. female, wrestling. Please be honest.
Speedos or Board Shorts? 2010-05-29
I have always worn board shorts every where in general, but I recently joined swim team for my fr...
Should guys wear speedos (swim briefs) 2016-05-07
This is a poll on your opinion of swim briefs
Mixed Wrestling - your views 2006-06-01
This is a poll about mixed wrestling. I've been in mixed wrestling matches with girls and won.
Rules used when wrestling with your friends(guys only) 2008-01-05
I want to see what rules you use when wrestling with friends