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Guy's Sports Jock Cup Poll 2015-03-23
These are additional questions from our other two polls regarding mens' preferences for what supp...
Jared Vs Cassie 2016-06-16
Jared is a 45kg, 160cm soccer player. Cassie is a 55kg, 164cm marching band major. Jared knows he...
Boys fun wrestling (for <21yo) 2004-05-05
This poll is about guys wrestling for fun in an unorganized way. Not high school wrestling, this ...
Avril Lavigne vs Amanda Bynes 2016-05-21 (closed)
<img class="irc_mi iBrs_8mVuCac-pQOPx8XEepE" alt="" style="margin-top...
Maria Sharapova vs Ana Ivanovic 2013-11-18
Maria Sharapova vs Ana Ivanovic
Naked sports 2001-09-11
The ancient Greek Olympics were conducted with the athletes in the nude. What about nude sports ...
Schoolboy Pinning 2005-04-06
Welcome to one of the most universal wrestling pins of all time! The schoolboy pin is one of the ...
Who's stronger - very tall girl or short boy ? 2016-01-27
Who do you think is stronger or would win in a wrestling match - a tall, slender 16 year old girl...
Teenage boys swimwear 2014-08-13
What do you normally wear before, whilst and after swimming in a communal pool?
Mixed wrestling; girls are better than guys 2012-04-04
I attend a local gym, which also offers boxing and wrestling for both males and females. My girlf...
Are Girls stronger than boys 2003-09-11
We'll soon have an answer to the question of which sex is stronger in the ring.
Girls vs guys muscle comparison 2008-09-01
This pollster is intrigued by the possibility that muscle and strength differences between the s...
Speedo 2013-11-12
Questions about speedo
"Shirts Vs Skins" or "Skins Vs/and Skins" (guys only) 2006-12-18
This poll explores male shirtlessness in sports particularly in team sports or other group sports...
Men's Sportsgear Poll 2015-02-20
Athlete's preferences for athletic gear including Jockstraps, Compression Shorts & Athletic C...
Should college athletes be paid? 2016-10-14
There are many people in favor of and many against the idea of paying athletes who play sports fo...
Masturbating and bodybuilding (for males) 2007-05-10
Does masturbating affect your bodybuilding activities?
Is Thaddues Young a perfect fit playing along with Paul George? 2016-06-26
<img src = "https://s32.postimg.org/6r86j6zyt/young_george.jpg" />
Celebrity Wrestling League Week 1 2006-03-13
I am starting a fantasy wrestling league of 20 celebrities. They will be split into 4 groups. G...
How Strong Do You Think She is? 2014-06-09
Iron Girl Kayla, former YouTube account awesomevideos26 which was deleted by Google. Just how str...
Views on Cheerleaders 2017-01-27
As a Cheerleader, I'm curious of what our school thinks of us.
Mixed wrestling memories 2006-03-02
I had my first mixed wrestling match with a neighbor girl when I was 14. I'm curious to know when...
Do you want Jimmy Butler got traded? 2016-06-26
<img src = "https://s31.postimg.org/r1iq9g74r/jimmy_butler_1m4h5rmvrhx3y1poddar0mxkkj.jpg...
Enjoy all 50
Jockstrap for sports 2012-08-08
Jockstrap for sports