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Muscle Sizes 2005-01-09
This is for guys and girls
Tug of war (men vs. women) 2006-02-16
I read that tug of war is good to test the upper and lower body strength together. Also, we know ...
Sexiest Tennis Star 2006-05-04
I'm sure most of us guys see womens' Tennis for reasons other than tennis. The bulging cleavages...
Leg Press Poll (Girls Only) 2006-08-30
Someone say that girls have stronger legs than boys... well, i like girls with strong legs, and i...
Womens Gymnastics (Females only please) 2008-08-12
With the Olympic Games in China the spotlight is on Womens Gymnastics.
girl-guy wrestling 2011-12-16
girl-guy wrestling
Wetsuit cool or not (boys only) 2012-02-02
Wetsuit cool or not (boys only)
Amateur boxing attire 2012-07-09
In World Series of Boxing amateur boxers fight without vests and head protection as usual in the ...
Men/teens beaten by boys from 10-15 2013-11-18
Hello i am a 36 year old man who have a fantasy of been beaten up and humiliated by a young boy 1...
WWE Divas Gunge Poll - Team Bella 2015-11-16
Team Bella have agreed to a game with an interesting stipulation where one of them will be gunged...
Teen Guys - Swimming With Socks On 2015-11-19
Teenage Guys Poll - About Swimming With Socks On
Who will win overall 2016 Olympics Champion? US vs China? 2016-08-11
<img src=https://s10.postimg.org/xmsx3rch5/US_vs_China.jpg/> Top 2 Countries in 2016 Oly...
WWE Diva/Women Battles 2: Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch - Who's better? 2016-11-05
Don't pick your favorite in all the questions, please answer without bias.
WWE Diva/Women Battles 3: Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks - Who's better? 2016-11-05
Don't pick your favorite in all the questions, please answer without bias.
kids doing a spooncerd swim fully clothed in their shoes and socks for charity 2018-10-11
To find. Out how many kids will do a sponcard swim fully clothed in their shoes and socks for a c...
The Women's Bodybuilding & Fitness Poll 1999-02-10
Who are the greatest Women Bodybuilders and Fitness competitors of all time? (if you want to vote...
M VS F who is the stronger human? 2002-08-19
My poll is beng used to see what is the stronger human person Male or Female?
Lockeroom Access 2004-06-11
In case you haven't noticed,women reporters are allowed in men's lockerooms after a sporting even...
girls in sleepers - for girls only 2004-11-28
do any of you girls have experience with sleeper holds whether it is on the giving or receiving end?
Do you like arm wrestling? 2005-01-09
This is a survey to see what people think of arm wrestling.
TYSON vs Ali 2005-11-07
Tyson is an anaimal and ali is the greatest, but who was better in their prime
Beach Volleyball Participants 2006-08-23
You're in a beach volleyball match and it's the guys against the girls.
Women's Locker Room Poll 2007-06-10
A brief poll about people of the opposite sex in the locker room.
Male Bikini Wrestlers 2007-07-21
GUYS AND GIRLS: You find out that there is a group of athletic, straight guys in your area who ge...
Rules for coed wrestliing match 2011-12-21
Your girlfriend (or boyfriend, if you are a girl) thinks he/she is a tougher wrestler, tougher th...