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boys wrestling 2007-12-16
boys wrestling other boys
Indian mixed wrestling(girls Wrestling guys) 2009-06-01
Please Indian guys and girls take up this poll.Boys dont answer for girls questions and leave mes...
Girls vs Guys in sports 2009-06-12
Over the years I have watched in competed in a number of girls vs guys sports with mixed results....
guys in gymnastics 2009-08-31
what do you do and what do you wear
Swimmers - when you shave for a race do you shave your pubes as well? 2011-08-24
Swimmers - when you shave for a race do you shave your pubes as well?
lose your shoes basketball tournament 2013-03-05
We just finished our lose your shoes basketball tournament where the losers of each game have to ...
Jennifer Aniston Wrestling Poll 2016-12-26
Jennifer Aniston Wrestling Poll
Wrestling - Girls Only 2003-01-14
Girls - There is a myth that females are dainty creatures who avoid any kind of physical contact ...
Belly Punches (for girls) 2004-03-03
My name is Johanne and I'd like to know if some girls out there ever took a punch right in the be...
Women's Lockerroom Access 2004-06-04
This poll is for women 10-40+ to determine their feelings regarding an open locker room policy fo...
boxing (males only) 2005-05-27
if your into boxing and your a guy take this poll
SKI IN A JOCKSTRAP? 2005-07-14
A couple winters ago, a bunch of us were sitting around after a hard day of mogul skiing. Everyb...
Men vs. Women: Men Only 2006-02-24
This poll is designed to reach the truth about men wrestling, fighting, or otherwise in physical ...
Mixed Wrestling Diva Style 2006-03-02
WWE Divas, Female Celebrities, and Female Athletes test their strength against each other. Leave ...
shaving for swim team 2008-05-13
I'm on the swim team at school. next year I'll probably be on varsity. alot of the boys on vars...
Cheerleaders Only 2008-07-08
Female Cheerleaders Only!
Indian Mixed Wrestling (girls wrestling/fighting boys) girls only 2009-04-27
I want to know from Indian girls
i beat a boy 2012-02-22
This a poll for girls who like mixed wrestling/fighting
barefoot running 2013-07-10
I'll start to run barefoot, but there are different opinions about how to do it: build up slowly ...
Groin Shot: Boys v Girls 2013-12-17
<p>Do shots to groin really hurt boys more than girls?</p> <p>The groin is a s...
Life jackets 2014-08-05
Life jackets
Who do you think will be the Cavs Hero in Game 4? 2016-06-10
The Cleveland Cavaliers were able to defend its homecourt in Game 3 with their 30-point lead agai...
Girls are very good at sports. Are culture is starting to except the fact that girls can be bette...
Do Athletes receive special treatment from society? 2003-11-04
My poll is questioning to see if people think athletes are given special treatment from society
Who is the strongest woman alive (I´m talking about muscular strength!)