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Best Arms Ever In Bodybuilding 2002-04-29
Who do you think had the best arms ever in bodybuilding.
How much can you bench press (adult men & women) ? 2003-07-10
I'm interested in seeing how much weight people can barbell bench press. Keep in mind that I mean...
boy vs. girl boxing 2003-12-08
I saw the previous poll with lots of activity. I had some questions about the details
boxing (males only) 2005-05-27
if your into boxing and your a guy take this poll
push ups ( teen girls only) 2005-06-05
I have noticed girls are getting a lot stronger and are not doing "girl" push ups anymo...
WWE Divas - mixed and other fantasies 2005-10-14
When you watch the gorgeous girls of the WWE do you ever imagine you or someone you know wrestlin...
Mixed Wrestling 2008-03-30
Mixed Wrestling
Indian Mixed Wrestling (girls wrestling/fighting boys) girls only 2009-04-27
I want to know from Indian girls
Indian mixed wrestling(girls Wrestling guys) 2009-06-01
Please Indian guys and girls take up this poll.Boys dont answer for girls questions and leave mes...
guys in gymnastics 2009-08-31
what do you do and what do you wear
mixed wrestling 2012-02-20
mixed wrestling
i beat a boy 2012-02-22
This a poll for girls who like mixed wrestling/fighting
Groin Shot: Boys v Girls 2013-12-17
<p>Do shots to groin really hurt boys more than girls?</p> <p>The groin is a s...
This will give girls/women a chance to tell what happens when they wrestle/play fight/fight/whate...
2016 NBA Finals Champ 2016-05-21
<a href = "http://www.pinoyboxbreak.com"><img src="http://www.pinoyboxbre...
Can DWYANE WADE will help the bulls to reach the finals? 2016-08-08
<img src=https://s9.postimg.org/944dosuq7/Chicago_Bulls_Dwyane_Wade_jpg_685153_ver1_0_1280.jpg...
be truthful about your muscle measurements.
Tell Me About Muscular Calves 2003-01-08
Iam a female aged 32 with above average sized calf muscles, I chat to a few people on the net who...
Do you like arm wrestling? 2005-01-09
This is a survey to see what people think of arm wrestling.
ru stronger than ur mom 2005-01-21
This is to see how strong you are compared to your mom
Guy's Gym Clothes Poll 2005-02-11
This is a poll to see what guys think is comfortable to the gym.
Mixed Wrestling Diva Style 2006-03-02
WWE Divas, Female Celebrities, and Female Athletes test their strength against each other. Leave ...
Sexiest Tennis Star 2006-05-04
I'm sure most of us guys see womens' Tennis for reasons other than tennis. The bulging cleavages...
Boys Arm Wrestling Boys 2006-06-06
This is a poll for boys under 19 who have arm wrestled other boys.
Male Bikini Wrestlers 2007-07-21
GUYS AND GIRLS: You find out that there is a group of athletic, straight guys in your area who ge...