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Let's decide the best rule of boy vs girl martial arts 2016-04-23
I think groin shot can be the equalizer when a boy and a girl fight. Both of their weights are al...
WWE Diva/Women Battles 1: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks - Who's better? 2016-08-24
Don't pick your favorite in all the questions, please answer without bias.
Girls vs Boys wrestling 2002-04-18
who is better, come to see
groin injuries 2003-07-08
just a few days ago, my little sister and 3 of her friends got mad at me for calling cheerleaders...
How much can you bench press (adult men & women) ? 2003-07-10
I'm interested in seeing how much weight people can barbell bench press. Keep in mind that I mean...
Which sports are girls better at than boys 2003-11-11
Please, answer truthfully. Soem sports girls are better at and some boys are, or are grls just ...
Boys and sport 2004-12-26
This poll is for boys asking questions about sports that they do.
Mixed Boxing (girls only) 2005-02-11
Mixed Boxing is starting to become rather popular, I myself love it, but what do girls think of i...
Fully Clothed Swimming 2006-04-18
There are a large number of people around the world who swim fully clothed. In some parts of the ...
submission wrestling 2007-09-14
this is a poll for guys and girls who enjoy the challenge of submission wrestling
Shirtless for sports 2008-03-31
What are your views on being shirtless (going no further than jogbra for women) when engaged in s...
Wrestling uniform 2010-04-04
Wrestling uniforms have changed significantly over the years. Some guys dislike the singlets now ...
Girls fighting - stop or watch? 2014-07-08
You see 2 girls fighting on the beach - do you break it up or let them fight it out?
This will give girls/women a chance to tell what happens when they wrestle/play fight/fight/whate...
Boy in girls changing room BOYS ONLY 2015-03-23
Boy in girls changing room BOYS ONLY
2016 NBA Finals Champ 2016-05-21
<a href = "http://www.pinoyboxbreak.com"><img src="http://www.pinoyboxbre...
Can DWYANE WADE will help the bulls to reach the finals? 2016-08-08
<img src=https://s9.postimg.org/944dosuq7/Chicago_Bulls_Dwyane_Wade_jpg_685153_ver1_0_1280.jpg...
be truthful about your muscle measurements.
Best Arms Ever In Bodybuilding 2002-04-29
Who do you think had the best arms ever in bodybuilding.
Cheerleading fashion Poll 2002-06-16
This poll is about cheerleading uniform styles and how they look on you and how the styles have c...
boy vs. girl boxing 2003-12-08
I saw the previous poll with lots of activity. I had some questions about the details
WWE Divas - mixed and other fantasies 2005-10-14
When you watch the gorgeous girls of the WWE do you ever imagine you or someone you know wrestlin...
boys wrestling 2007-12-16
boys wrestling other boys
Indian mixed wrestling(girls Wrestling guys) 2009-06-01
Please Indian guys and girls take up this poll.Boys dont answer for girls questions and leave mes...
Girls vs Guys in sports 2009-06-12
Over the years I have watched in competed in a number of girls vs guys sports with mixed results....