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Women reporters and men's locker rooms 2003-04-08
What is your opinion on the controversial subject of women reporters in men's locker rooms?
Yoga and Contortion 2004-03-07
This poll is for people who like yoga, contortion or just want to show off their flexibility.
WWE 2005: Year in Review. 2005-12-29
Hello and welcome. Well, it's that time of year again to reflect on the past 12 months in the WWE...
beach volleyball outfit 2009-10-26
There has been lots of discussion in the last Olympics in Athens and Beijing as to women wearing ...
Divas Championship 2015-01-06
Which is your favorite Divas Champion?
Are girls strong? 2001-10-26
How strong are girls?
men against women in sports 2002-03-27
The poll is about winners in men vs women challenges in sports
GIRLS ONLY: Wrestling against Boys 2003-11-04
I am a boys who has recently found out that my girlfriend is not only smarter than me, but she is...
mixed wrestling poll (males only) 2005-05-26
if your a male and like to wrestle the apposite sex take this poll
Have you ever been beat up by a your younger brother 2005-10-19
Have you ever been beat up by a your younger brother?
(Guys) Have You Ever Lost Your Bathing Suit at a Public Pool? 2009-09-23
When I Was At My Local Pool, I Was In The Fast Water Zone (With The Water Jets), and I Was Clingi...
Swimwear 2010-11-28
This is a poll to find out which swimwear is preferred by the other sex.
Muscular Girls 2012-11-17
Muscular Girls
Modern day gladiators 2015-05-19
Imagine if the sport of Gladiators was reintroduced, but with similar rules to the original sport...
Let's decide the best rule of boy vs girl martial arts 2016-04-23
I think groin shot can be the equalizer when a boy and a girl fight. Both of their weights are al...
Using the whip 2002-03-27
Are you using your whip correctly?
This is a poll about boy playing sports and getting exposed!
Who's stronger - Guys or girls? 2004-01-20
Who is stronger in general- guys or girls? The results of these polls are usually difficult to un...
question for females that wrestle in high school 2004-02-11
This is a poll for females that wrestled or are wrestling in high school
true female strength 2005-08-22
i just want to see who realy is the stronger sex
Swimming in layers 2008-01-05
Do you like swimming in many layers of clothes? (GUYS ONLY) If you swim in different sets of...
Grappling Survey 2008-03-16
for those who like to take wrestling to the ground for submissions
couples tag-wrestling 2009-01-17
hi,when i was with my ex-girl friend she introduced me to wrestling,i often wrestled her,always l...
guys and sports 2010-06-16
i have made this to see what the majority of guys think is the most appropriate to play sports an...
Playing Soccer Barefoot 2014-03-14
For people who HAVE played it or want to... Really, it's just a bunch of questions about Bar...