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who is the greatest legend in sports history? 2004-09-02
who do you think is the greatest legend (male or female) in the history of all sports? as a die-h...
mixed wrestling (to finish the discussion) 2006-01-16
What if a man wrestled a woman with the same spirit he wrestles a man? What if a guy stopped unde...
girl vs guy wrestling 2009-08-05
girl vs guy wrestling
Guys and Girls nude swiming clubs 2006-01-11
I live in the U.S. and have recently joined a coed nude swim team.i wanted to know if other towns...
Women And Muscle 2007-02-03
Welcome to my new poll. With the excellent response from my Calves poll I've started this one jus...
Guy's Running Shorts 2006-11-28
I started running in high school, and have done it ever since. This poll is designed to ask a fe...
WWE Divas - mixed and other fantasies 2005-10-14
When you watch the gorgeous girls of the WWE do you ever imagine you or someone you know wrestlin...
Dundee Fc Anthem 2010-05-20 (closed)
Choose YOUR Dundee FC Anthem
Who is the best soccer player ever Lived 2006-06-01
Who is the best soccer player ever lived
WWE roster 2007-06-18
Just a quick one to tell me what all you fans think.
Mixed wrestling; girls are better than guys 2012-04-04
I attend a local gym, which also offers boxing and wrestling for both males and females. My girlf...
pound for pound who's stronger? Boys or girls? 2009-10-23
Well heres the story, I am a physical education major at college and we were talking about the di...
Chicago Bears Worst Quarterback Ever 2005-11-01
If you're a die-hard Chicago Bears fan like myself you know that aside of Jim McMahon and Sid Luc...
Favorite Football Team 2007-05-01
What NFL teams do you like and not like?
wwe pool 2007-09-15
All about wwe
Vote for the BEST Quarterback.
decent cheerleaders survey 2006-03-22
Hi, I just started cheering this year and like it. However, I don't like it when guys act like pe...
Who is the greatest boxer of all time? 2004-05-01
Who is the greatest boxer of all time?
Mixed Wrestling Questions for men 2006-09-28
Describe your ideal female oppononent
Male Teen Streaking 2007-07-26
This is a poll to see the rates of male teen streakers. Feel free to post stories in message area.
Athletic support 2006-11-20
A poll about what you wear for support while working out or playing a sport.
Women cycle too! 2010-05-13 (closed)
Welcome to a poll about cycling in the U.K. designed to give a snapshot of who is riding what typ...
Best NFL Helmet Round Two 2002-10-17
These were the top vote getters in Round One! Vote on who has the best helmet design in each Con...
The best of football (soccer) 2004-07-19
Vote here for best soccer club team, best national team, best player, best leauge and best referee.
The Ultimate Swimming poll for teen guys 2003-08-07
This is a poll for teen guys only about swimming.