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Women wrestling men 2003-10-02
This is a poll of women, to gauge their experiences wrestling men, their physical strength, and a...
Best NFL uniform 2006-02-28
Which is the best NFL uni?
Who is stronger?Boys or Girls 2001-10-11
Are girls stronger than boys or not?
Soccer Dream Team 2010 2010-06-16
Pick the best soccer line-up in the world!
World's best tennis player 2007-05-18
This is an ultimate poll to decide who is the best tennis player in the world.
Mixed fights 2003-12-16
Which sex is better fighter?
Jockstrap & Athletic Hard Cup poll 2015-02-09
A poll about Guy's choices / preference for athletic gear for physical activities requiring suppo...
WWE DIVAS Poll 2003-10-20
Everyone love the WWE Divas, now do a poll on them.
Sports Questions 2004-11-28
Vote on various sports topics.
Who is the most attractive Sky Sports News Presenter 2007-09-02
Just as it says on the tin.
Indian Mixed Wrestling (girls wrestling/fighting boys) girls only 2009-04-27
I want to know from Indian girls
Indian mixed wrestling(girls Wrestling guys) 2009-06-01
Please Indian guys and girls take up this poll.Boys dont answer for girls questions and leave mes...
Naked, when and where? 2005-05-26
When you practice sport, there are many times to be naked: shower, when you change, and so on. Wh...
should college athletes be paid to play? 2007-01-23
i am writing a paper on college athletes and i am wondering what the publics view is on whether o...
Justine Henin: Tennis star 2002-04-25
Justine Henin has many fans and some say she is beautiful yet she has extra tiny little breasts a...
Ave It!!!!!!!!!!!!
Speedos for Guys 2010-09-03
I'm a swim teen love to be in the pool. This poll is about all speedos and types of suits for gu...
Favorite MLB team 2005-01-09
This is just to get a general idea on what everyone's favorite baseball team is.
Best NFL Players at Each Position 2005-11-09
Whos The Man
Wrestling Singlets 2001-11-09
This poll is for lovers of wrestling singlets. These are the one-piece suits that amateur wrestle...
Strongest Female tennis player 2002-11-19
Some female tennis player have signs of a proeminent muscularity and lots of physycal strenght. L...
Hurting your balls in sports 2008-06-02
Hurting your balls in sports
Swimming 2003-01-27
Best Arms Ever In Bodybuilding 2002-04-29
Who do you think had the best arms ever in bodybuilding.
Many guys prefer making their opponent give up rather than just pinning him or going for points. ...