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Sexiest Tennis Star 2006-05-04
I'm sure most of us guys see womens' Tennis for reasons other than tennis. The bulging cleavages...
Do you think cheerleading is a sport??!?!? 2001-02-12
Maybe people believe cheerleading is not a sport yet it's there to cheer on the people who are pl...
Sexiest WWE Diva Competition 2004-11-10
Choose which Diva is sexiest
CFL Expansion/Relocation/Contraction 2005-02-04
This is a poll about what cities should get a CFL team, as well as which teams should move, or le...
girls wrestling with their sister 2004-12-03
just wondering how many girls wrestle with their sisters frequently.
Was Chris Morgan's elbow on Iain Hume intentional? 2008-11-26 (closed)
On November 8th 2008 at Oakwell during the Barnsley v Sheffield Utd fixture Chris Morgan elbowed ...
WWE Divas 2005-06-14
Favorite/Least favorite thing about the WWE Divas
Who was the best football/ soccer player ever? 2005-12-28
Just out of curiosity. Don't be biased!
2008 Olympic Basketball Predictions 2007-06-21
Questions about basketball at the 2008 Olympics. The teams' names have been aquired from the 200...
Girls vs Boys 2004-07-20
Girls are getting a lot stronger now a days and I was wondering what everyone thought about it.
Women's Nude Sports 2004-03-24
This poll is being conducted by naturelleathletes@yahoo.com, to determine what percent of women a...
Men and Boys' Shorts Lengths and Activity 2003-06-10
There has been some discussion regarding the lengths of shorts preferred in other polls. However...
Are you happy that Victor Oladipo is now with the Oklahoma City Thunder? 2016-06-26
<img src = "https://s32.postimg.org/lgmjgucat/victor_oladipo.jpg" />
Favorite NHL Team 2006-11-24
Pick your favorite NHL team.
World's Greatest Fighters 2005-04-26
I have put together a poll to help determine the best fighters, and best fighting styles.
Mixed Wrestling Poll 2006-02-24
This is a poll about mixed, male vs. female, wrestling. Please be honest.
boy vs. girl boxing 2003-12-08
I saw the previous poll with lots of activity. I had some questions about the details
Who is the strongest woman alive (I´m talking about muscular strength!)
All-Time Best Quarterback 2001-09-23
Who is the all-time best quarterback of the NFL?
Mixed Boxing (girls only) 2005-02-11
Mixed Boxing is starting to become rather popular, I myself love it, but what do girls think of i...
Best sporting nation 2004-01-09
This is a poll to find out which nation you think is the best in the world at sport. When answeri...
WWE Finishing moves 2006-04-22
This poll is about which finishing moves are the best
- - Wrestling Singlet Preferences - - 2003-08-06
A quick poll on wrestling singlets
Lacrosse vs. Baseball 2008-02-15
Which sport is better? The long time question actually answered.
Miami Dolphins Greatest NFL Football Players 2004-08-14
Who do you think are the All-Time Greatest Miami Dolphins? Some players are listed in more than o...