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The Men's Bodybuilding Poll 2004-03-15
Who are the Greatest Bodybuilders of All Time?
MILE TIMES- High School Sophomore Guys ONLY 2004-12-28
I am considering going out for track this spring and was wondering what the average time for a hi...
sister vs brother 2003-08-26
my sister 18 always pins me down, sit on my face and fart so i wanted 2 no if any of u have a si...
Use of Jockstraps in America 2001-05-09
This poll is to get statistical results regarding the use of jockstraps as a pre-teen, teen and a...
barefoot running with friends 2013-09-23
I recently started running barefoot. When I run with friends, they quite often choose gravel road...
Wrestling with littlte Girls 2003-09-26
This is a poll for Boys and Girls who wrestling each other and the Girl is dominate the Boy
All-Time Yankee GREATS 2006-07-07
Who is the best Yankee at all positions? What is the best Yankee something? Vote and comment away...
Boys fun wrestling (for <21yo) 2004-05-05
This poll is about guys wrestling for fun in an unorganized way. Not high school wrestling, this ...
Boy's Sports in nudity 2003-03-08
This poll is about the sports that teen boys play in or out of school
Testicle Injury 2001-09-24
A pole to find out how many guys out there have ever been hurt in their testicles.
WWE Divas Comprehensive Poll 2004-06-07
This is intended to be a comprehensive poll about the Divas in the WWE. Skill, acting ability, se...
Sexiest WTA tennis players 2002-10-17
Who is the hottest tennis babe?
The Female Wrestling Poll 2002-01-21
a poll asking guys about their favourite female/mixed wrestlers
CFNM Competitive Sports 2012-07-26
Competitive sports from puberty onward are divided by sex. It is generally argued that males hol...
Schoolboy Pinning 2005-04-06
Welcome to one of the most universal wrestling pins of all time! The schoolboy pin is one of the ...
The WWE Wrestling Poll 2005-04-19
This is one of the best polls i have ever done considering its my first.
Cheerleader Humiliation - cheerleading 2003-08-26
I'm a high school cheerleader and caught a fellow classmate (a guy) trying to steal my uniform an...
HeadScissors - Females to Males (Females Answer This) 2010-02-04
This poll is specially about the headscissors move performed by females to males to crush them or...
If the game is on the line, which Warrior you want to take the last shot? 2016-07-28
<img src = "https://s31.postimg.org/b423ci2pn/kevin_durant.jpg" />
Best Football Supporters 2006-07-08
A common argument is which premiership team has the best supporters. - Well fill in this poll and...
Best Basketball Player In The NBA 2005-04-18
This pole is simply based on the on court skills of the players, out of these players which playe...
Best Male Tennis Player 2005-06-23
There have been many dominating male tennis players that consistently win Grand Slams. However, m...
Mixed Wrestling - your views 2006-06-01
This is a poll about mixed wrestling. I've been in mixed wrestling matches with girls and won.
Wrestling Survey for Guys 2005-12-06
Would like to find out how you feel about wrestling and guys who like to wrestle.
What NFL team has the most obnoxious fans? 2002-05-06
What NFL team has the most obnoxious fans?