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If Russell Westbrook got traded, which player you want in return? 2016-07-26
<img src = "https://s31.postimg.org/5aliheyvf/Russell_Westbrook_OKC_600.jpg" />
Fittest WWE Diva of All Time (Semi-Final Round) 2014-02-19 (closed)
Vote for who you think is the fittest WWE Diva in history! In-ring ability, speaking ability, and...
Should College Athletes Get paid? 2003-01-14
I am taking a poll to send to colleges and tell them why college athletes should not get paid.
Emma Watson versus Hermione Granger 2006-05-10
What would happen if Emma fought Hermione?
Are Girls Stronger Than Boys? 2012-02-09
Take this poll to find out!
Favorite WWE DIVA Ever 2006-02-26
wwe divas galore!!!
Girls: have you got muscles? 2007-04-03
Searchin for muscle girls
Tough girls vs. girls and boys 2004-02-04
OK, so a lot of girls are weak, but many boys aren't as tough as they're cracked up to be either....
Women's thoughts on wrestling other women (adult females only) 2008-08-12
Just a short poll on women's thoughts about wrestling other women- for women 18 and over.
Soccer Boys 2003-09-23
This poll is for boys ages 12-18 who play soccer.
TNA/ROH vs WWE 2006-02-07
Wrestlers of choice in TNA and ROH vs WWE
Singlets (Wrestling) 2010-07-10
This is a poll for people who have worn wrestling singlet and their experiences with them.
WWE-The Rock 2005-04-21
This poll is for the millions...and the millions of The Rock's Fans arround the world. Please lea...
Girls Wrestlin 2004-10-04
Hey ladies if you're like me, you love kicking loser guy's butts in wrestling, this is open to you
Soccer Questions! 2010-09-15
Questions about your opinion and favorites about football / soccer.
Speedo 2013-11-12
Questions about speedo
Are Girls better at basketball than Boys? 2001-09-05
Many girls are good at basketball. But can they beat the boys?
Short Soccer Survey 2003-01-30
Just a poll concerning the world's most entertaining and intense game- How importaint is it to you?
which WWE superstar are you?Rey,Edge,John,HHH,or Shawn 2006-09-08
take this quiz and see which WWE superstar you are
Swimming in layers 2008-01-05
Do you like swimming in many layers of clothes? (GUYS ONLY) If you swim in different sets of...
Western Conference Champ 2016-05-21
Which team you think will take home the 2016 Western Conference trophy?
Guy's Gym Clothes Poll 2005-02-11
This is a poll to see what guys think is comfortable to the gym.
Mixed Wrestling, Boxing, Fighting - You vs. Me 2013-01-17
I'm going to mix it up a bit here. Girls - how would YOU do in a mixed bout against ME? That's ri...
Gymternet Poll 2014-05-19
Gymternet Poll
Boys and sport 2004-12-26
This poll is for boys asking questions about sports that they do.