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Male gymnasts are gay? 2008-10-17 (closed)
Hey I'm a dutch boy and i'm doing gymnastics. I hope you fill this Poll fair. I do not know whet...
wwe quiz 2006-08-17
just a random poll about the wwe
WWE Divas vs. Celebs Tournament - 1 2003-08-26
Can Hollywood babes match skill and power with the women of the WWE?
Gymnastics March Madness - Round 1 2013-03-25 (closed)
Gymnastics March Madness - Round 1
Fastest growing sport in U.S.A. 2005-02-02
Title explains all
wwe and sex 2006-11-10
who would would you want sex with in the wwe.
would you wear a speedo if........ 2009-09-23
would you wear a speedo if........
favourite wwe championship 2005-12-07
which wwe championship is your favourite
push ups ( teen girls only) 2005-06-05
I have noticed girls are getting a lot stronger and are not doing "girl" push ups anymo...
Girls vs. boys - who is stronger 2007-03-17
If you have pictures of strong girls please send to audi85@abv.bg
Who's stronger - Guys or girls? 2004-01-20
Who is stronger in general- guys or girls? The results of these polls are usually difficult to un...
POWERPOLL: FBB Armwrestling II 2004-02-11
Which of these smaller awesome athletes would triumph over her other female bodybuilders or fitne...
Mixed Wrestling 2006-07-14
Hello, take a minute to vote on my new poll. Whats your fave style, fave attire, fave lady etc
Wrestling teens 2004-02-18
Heres some questions for the gurls.
Which is the strongest NCAA conference? 2006-07-04
Well, with the recent shifting of teams the Big East has presented itself as the possible "s...
Which sports are girls better at than boys 2003-11-11
Please, answer truthfully. Soem sports girls are better at and some boys are, or are grls just ...
Mixed Wrestling 2008-03-30
Mixed Wrestling
Is american football gay (11 to 15 year old boys) 2008-08-19
are these things in football gay?
Ultimate female muscle 2010-07-05
For all female muscle fans, if you had the chance to be with a muscular woman for one night, what...
WWE's Greatest Moments 2007-02-21
its awesome its dam awesome!
boys wrestling poll 2008-06-02
Boys only wrestling poll
Who is the NBA basketball player in history 2005-04-19
The Best NBA Basketball player that lived or still is living
If Russell Westbrook got traded, which player you want in return? 2016-07-26
<img src = "https://s31.postimg.org/5aliheyvf/Russell_Westbrook_OKC_600.jpg" />
Boys only: is you girlfirend stronger than you 2003-09-11
I've recently found out that my hot girlfriend was so much stronger than me when she challenged m...