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WWE 2015 Royal Rumble Winner 2015-01-25
Pick this years Royal Rumble winner!
Divas Championship 2015-01-06
Which is your favorite Divas Champion?
2014 NFL Playoffs 2015-01-02
Playoff games picks for 2014. CBS Sports stops at the end of the regular season. We continue thro...
Wetsuit lovers 2015-01-02
You LOVE wearing wetsuits? Just tell me why
This will give girls/women a chance to tell what happens when they wrestle/play fight/fight/whate...
Gym - Freeballing/showering/chastity 2014-12-08
Gym - Freeballing/showering/chastity
6th Annual FitGems Awards 2014-12-08 (closed)
Vote for your favorites in the 6th Annual FitGems Awards!
For the ladies who like to wrestle 2014-12-08
I am curious to hear back from the women out there that are into participating in wrestling match...
Who is the best UFC Fighter? - Round 1 2014-11-17
Vote for who you think is the better fighter in the UFC.
about chinese mixed wrestling 2 2014-11-04
about chinese mixed wrestling 2
Chinese sports battles of the sexes 2014-10-20
Chinese sports battles of the sexes
Mixed Boxing; Where Do You Stand (Guys Version)? 2014-10-20
There aren't many good boxing polls around here, so just answer as best as you can! This is the g...
Intramural sports at WSU 2014-10-06
Just some questions I need answers to for a class.
Mountain Mikes Football league 2014-09-29 (closed)
Mountain Mikes Football league
OVW Poll 2014-08-25
Which is your favorite OVW Superstar/Diva?
TNA Poll 2014-08-25
Which is your favorite TNA Superstar/Knockout?
NXT Poll 2014-08-25
Which is your favorite NXT Superstar/Diva?
WWE Poll 2014-08-25
WWE Poll
Girl muscle [Girl Only] 2014-08-13
Girl muscle [Girl Only]
Teenage boys swimwear 2014-08-13
What do you normally wear before, whilst and after swimming in a communal pool?
Modesty for female athletes 2014-08-05
This poll follows up on my Girl's sport coachs and modesty poll. http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/...
Life jackets 2014-08-05
Life jackets
AOGS 2014-08-05
Rules Changes for Any One Given Sunday
Smile of the Year 2014-07-24
Thanks for a Great Season Everybody!!!! Winner of Smile of the Year will receive a free toothbrus...
Local UK Leisure Centres 2014-07-14
Local UK Leisure Centres