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Minnesota Vikings Win Loss Ratio For 2015 2015-08-13
How many games will the Minnesota Vikings win? How many will they lose?
Favorite sports 2015-08-11
Favorite sports
NFL Quarterbacks 2015-08-11
Who is the best CURRENT NFL Quarterback?
Girls wrestle me 2015-08-11
I´m male 26 years old, 6`1 183lbs and pretty athletic. I can bench press 340lbs.
Men's Sports For Ladies Only 2015-07-22
Do the majority of women watch men's sports just to look at the guys?
Greatest Football XI of the Last 20 Years 2015-07-22
Greatest Football XI of the Last 20 Years
Ever did anthing like what you see in those youtube videos 2015-07-22
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMbmVk3yhAc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhlsOdujfQE https:/...
Can a girl beat me at sports? 2015-07-22
I´m male 26 years old, 6´1, 183lbs can bench press 340lbs and pretty athletic. I never met a gi...
Batman Family Wrestling 2015-07-22
Superheroes and villains from the Batman family in wrestling matches... who wins?
Who is the best wrestler/announcer behind the mic? 2015-07-10
Some wrestlers/managers/announcers are so charismatic. I am interested in seeing who everyone th...
MLB vote 2015-07-10
Vote for which team is most likely to win their division
New Minor Hockey League 2015-07-10
I am Joseph Crutnik, and i am creating a new hockey league. I have 12 teams, but i need 6. What t...
Wetting while exercizing 2015-07-10
This is a poll to find out what sort of exercising people have wet them selves during :)
Tennis Chicks in Catfights: All the Best 2015-06-21
Here's your chance to pick the winners of catfights involving some of the biggest stars in womens...
Tennis Chics in Catfights 2015-06-01
Womens' tennis stars battle it out for ultimate bragging rights. Pick the ladies who come out on ...
[Girl Only] Do you practise sport ? 2015-06-01
[Girl Only] Do you practise sport ?
Major League Baseball 2015-05-21
A poll about Major League Baseball.
Sports poll YAY 2015-05-21
Sports poll YAY
Favorite WWE Superstar 2015-05-19
All you have to do is vote for your favorite WWE superstar!
Modern day gladiators 2015-05-19
Imagine if the sport of Gladiators was reintroduced, but with similar rules to the original sport...
Wrestling match, for both guys and ladies who wrestle 2015-05-11
I love wrestling and know there are a lot of people on this site are into it but, since actual wr...
What is the best NHL team? 2015-05-11
I am making a map of people's opinions for a project. Remember, Only the US and Canada can take t...
NHL 2014-15 NHL Goalie of the Year - Round 4 2015-05-07
This is Round 4 of this tournament to determine who is the NHL 2014-15 NHL Goalie of the Year! Pl...
Girls wrestling parties 2015-05-07
For girls that have friends over to wrestle
True champion: Mayweather or Pacquiao? 2015-05-04
True champion: Mayweather or Pacquiao?