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Who do you want to see challenage y2j for the belt ? 2001-12-16
The following people you can choose from kurt angle, stone cold, The rock, The undertaker, or kane
everyone vote here for football's best players 2001-12-15
this is a poll on football players and teams and who you think deserves to be number 1
Sports 2001-12-13
Just some questions on sports
Edmonton Oilers 2001-12-13
NHL Hockey
who will become the new wwf undisputed champion 2001-12-12
it cant be brett cause he sucks
NBA TEAM DIVES 2001-12-12
Every hardship is followed by ease. But when?
A year that ended in a suprise, which MLB team didn't live up to expectations?
BEST NBA PLAYER 2001-12-12
Which one of these players rules the NBA??
Which NBA teams should go? 2001-12-12
The league is losing popularity fast. Should they use baseball's idea of contraction? If so which...
Phat_wm872001's Weekly Poll 2001-12-06
Hey dawgs! This is my poll, come and vote!
Is rodeo a sport? 2001-12-03
As a rodeo guy I just want to know what other people think about rodeo.
2nd Annual BGM Pro Wrestling Underachievement Awards 2001-11-29
The 2001 BGM Awards are here! Vote for your least favorites, and remember to keep the whole year...
3rd Annual BGM Pro Wrestling Achievement Awards 2001-11-29
The 2001 BGM Awards are here! Vote for your favorites, and remember to keep the whole year in co...
Poll for baseball fans 2001-11-29
Baseball is called the National Pastime, but there are so many things changing about it. Fans the...
WAFF Awards 2001 2001-11-29
Vote on AFR Awards for this year!!!
Goods and bads about bowling 2001-11-28
Bowling is a great experience. What do you like most and least about bowling.
My Poll 2001-11-27
Answer these questions...please!
Can the Cubs win the World Series? 2001-11-27
The Chicago Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908, and haven't even been to the World Ser...
Sports 2001-11-27
Whats your favorite sport?
What Outfit Do You Like Best?? 2001-11-27
Stephanies outfits are always very gorgeaous and fashionable but what one do you like best this m...
Female Wrestling Expo 2001 - The Female Wrestlemania 2001-11-27
A fantasy wrestling poll that includes over 50 of the top female wrestlers in the sport today.
Lousy Lions??? 2001-11-27
Will the Detroit Lions do it?
Winter Olympic Games 2002 - Salt Lake City 2001-11-27
Which countries will do well in the medal count at the Winter Olympic Games to take place in Salt...
Sports 2001-11-26
what is ur fav sport? cheerleading soccer football lacross field hockey hockey baseball ...
Soccer 2001-11-24
Choose who you think is the all time best soccer player in the world.