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School Life


High School Experience 2017-01-27
High School Experience
Barefoot P.E 2003-05-28
Going barefoot is a growing concept in life these days in school and everywhere else, please fill...
Ultimate School Locker Room & Sports Poll [BOYS ONLY] 2012-06-25
This is a poll about school locker rooms, mainly made for secondary school-ers but anyone else fe...
Strict dress code at home 2012-05-04
I am a 15 year old girl. My mom came up with this new idea: very strict dress code at home, that ...
Caught masturbating 2015-08-13
For any teen boy who has been caught masturbating
Taking Shoes Off In Class (Boys only) 2011-02-23
I personally LOVE to take my shoes off in school, play about with them and walk around in my sock...
Boy's Locker room habits 2004-01-07
I was just curious as to how other boys do what they do in the locker room
Regulation Panties And Underwear Checks (Girls Only Please) 2009-02-23
When i was at school we had to wear full-cut navy blue briefs and had random checks.If we did not...
24/7 Strip to Waist Policy for Kids 2016-10-23
While reading responses to polls and private email communications, I noticed that quite a number ...
Nerd Alert 2015-08-26
This is a poll to find out if you are a nerd or not. Leave a message in the message board to find...
gym class (boys only) 2014-12-08
gym class (boys only)
Dress code in High Schools 2017-01-27
I want to find out if students in High School feel that a school dress code is necessary and enfo...
Falaka in school alternative to paddling 2015-12-29
In schools were paddling is still used, would you agree to substitute it with falaka? Falaka o...
Shoes off School Library. 2016-08-17
Shoes off School Library.
Spanking at schools 2003-08-06
Is spanking needful in schools
Kilts as School Uniform 2007-12-15
A school in Edinburgh (the James Gillespie school) has introduced kilts as part of the standard u...
Design a school (Teen[13-18] Guys only) 2013-09-09
Design a High school with your preferances
Transgender kids vs Co-ed Locker Rooms 2013-11-12
The state of California recently passed a law that stated that a child can choose which restroom ...
Girls Paddled at School 2015-12-07
Information regarding girls who were disciplined in either public, private or Christian schools b...
School Dances 2017-02-01
School Dances
Just go in your pants 2016-09-22
How many guys have been told by parents to just go in their pants?
What do you wear to bed? (guys only) 2010-04-09
What do you wear to bed? (guys only)
Teen Males Sleeping on a School Trip 2010-06-16
I am 13 and am going on a school trip in October to Italy. I will be sharing a room with some oth...
Curfew for a teenage girl 2015-08-11
Hi everyone! My name is Patty and I'm curious to know what curfew you think a girl my age should ...
Corner time in schools 2015-12-11
Describe if and how corner time should be applied in schools