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School Life


Should boys go shirtless in PE class? 2011-05-16
In my PE class, guys are allowed to take their shirts off, and I do all the time. What do you thi...
Barefoot in school 2012-10-22
About being barefoot in school
girls wearing slips 2003-08-10
Girls at one time always used to wear slips or petticoats but is this still the case today? Pleas...
How much sleep do you get (teenagers)? 2007-07-21
Sleep for teenagers
Girls' School Uniform 2009-12-23
I am doing some research into various types of school uniform worn by girls at school, both prese...
female swim class poll 2001-11-09
When I had I swam in school we always wore one- piece swimsuits (it wasn't a mixed class). What d...
Tights under trousers, jeans etc (GIRLS ONLY) 2003-02-08
I wear opaque tights almost as part of everyday wear as I find them cosy; so even under trousers ...
What kind of swimwear should be required in school? 2002-10-25
Should School's Require Students to wear Speedos for Swim Class
Guys in school w/ long hair (girls & boys) 2007-02-05
i want ur people's opinions on guys w/ long hair & if ur a guy w/ long hair
middle school kids only 2008-06-07
idkk random things about being a tween/young teen
Standing in the Corner at School (corner time) 2003-08-26
When I was in grade school, we had to stand in the corner as a punishment (better known as Time-O...
My Punishment 2010-01-14
I need to be punished. choose my punishment.
Girls School Uniform 2012-05-07
I'm just interested in what other girls have to wear for their school uniform, and how they wear ...
depantsings and other embarrassing incidents at school (for boys only) 2012-07-05
this is a poll for boys only about depantsings and embarrassing incidents at school that result i...
Reintroduction of C.P.in U.K. schools 2001-11-09
40 private schools are today asking the English High Court for permission to reintroduce corporal...
Clothing inspection at school #1 (Females only) 2014-04-28
This poll focus on situations where teachers inspect their students' clothing for hygiene reasons...
Teens wearing Speedos 2008-06-02
Teens wearing Speedos
Student Survey for Loyola Law School's grade curve policy 2009-03-28 (closed)
This semester the faculty that are part of the Academic Standards and Grading Committee (ASGC) wi...
Bra for a teen boy 2012-03-23
Bra for a teen boy
anatomy model 2005-11-06
I have been thinking about why we could not use live people as anatomy models
Leotards for PE 2005-02-21
How far are leotards used as PE clothing today? Is there somebody, who or whose children wear l...
Wearing front buttoned shirts or blouses 2006-11-03
Hi. I’m Sandra and 15y. I like wearing front buttoned shirts and blouses at all. Since 2 years...
punishment in school 2007-03-29
I am curious about how teens or adults view school deal with bad kids or how their schools deal w...
Punishment Exercises 2002-08-22
want to get everyone`s thoughts on wat punishment we should get at school
Poll for Cheerleaders 2001-09-30
If you are a cheerleader or were in the last few years, please answer these questions. If you fee...