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School Life


Making boys go in shorts... 2003-09-26
In the "good old days" it was de rigueur for boys to be dressed in outfits with short p...
School Uniforms 2009-07-25
Are school uniforms good? Necessary?
Smoking In School 2001-10-21
Hiya. This poll is on smoking at school. We can't smoke at my school. We have to hide in bushes j...
Discipline by prefects 2004-04-02
Hi, I am 13 years old and I live in the UK. I go to quite a strict school but, fortunately, corp...
Bare Sole Wrinklin and Toe Wiggling At School 2003-02-27
Hi, I'm Tanya. I was thinking about the many times I removed my shoes and socks and went barefoo...
My daughters school uniform 2012-05-14
Asking for advice on how I should make my daughter wear her school uniform. I want to make sure s...
Your School Uniform 2009-06-12
Need it for english we are doing a for or against argument about school uniforms and I'm going to...
Teenage boys weight and body image (BOYS ONLY) 2004-08-12
There are a lot of studies into girls' weight, ideal weight and body image, but the matter still ...
What colors are each school subject? 2015-12-16
I've seen and heard many arguments about what color each subject in school is, so I've come to th...
Board Shorts 2003-07-29
This poll is for boys who wear board shorts to go swimming or just as shorts.
School/P.E. Uniforms 2003-11-09
Just a brief survey on what uniform is required for schools. Please affect the truth.
Boys in shirts and ties 2013-03-05
Boys in shirts and ties
Whats better Ford or Chevy? 2001-10-26
Chevys suck
boys wearing flip flops 2005-07-11
i just wanted to know what everyone thinks
Choice of school punishment (primary school kids) 2015-07-22
This poll is mainly for primary school kids in the UK, but other kids feel free to answer too. Co...
have you ever been barefoot in school as punishment? 2002-02-25
hi i am curious if you have ever been made to go barefoot at school for wearing inapropriate foot...
bullying girls only 2007-08-18
im a girl thats always getting bullied
l was paddled in school today 2014-08-13
This is a United States poll tracking midde(jr high), & high school students who received cor...
Who at school would you allow to spank your child if anyone? 2015-03-23
Who at school would you allow to spank your child if anyone?
How to run a girls PE class (girls only) 2003-08-13
I have just finished year 3 at an all boys secondary school. We are always interested in what hap...
at the swimming pool 2003-01-14
i saw this stupid kid today peed in the pool when we were at swimming class. my mom would ground...
uk teenage boys in sportswear 2003-10-21
this is a poll for teenage boys in uk,who wear sportswear for p.e or at home
Bullying in the boys locker room 2007-07-04
I was always bullied verbally as a child, but i also saw alot of physical abuse toward children i...
how strict is your uniform 2003-08-13
Girls school uniform at one time used to be very strict is this still the case today? how strict ...
teen's views on corporal punishment in schools 2001-12-23
poll on why or why not on corporal punishment