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School Life


erections in showers 2008-10-10
would the awkward feeling of being in a shower with naked men in high school give you a erection,...
Barefoot In School 2003-08-06
Answer truthfully about yourself and being barefoot in school.
Spanking as a punishment 2008-09-21
Spanking as a punishment
Corporeal Punishment in Schools 2001-01-18
School paddlings were once common in the United States, but many states have outlawed corporeal p...
Middleschool and Highschool Kids: Are Braces A Turnoff? 2007-07-22
Are braces a turnoff?
Classmates in the change room 2003-05-14
This poll is to explore what happens when kids go swimming with their parents...and they see some...
Girls beating up older boys(for girls only) 2004-02-02
I am a 13-year-old asian boy.In my school, there's a 11-year-old girl, and she always manage to b...
Correct & Proper School Uniform for Girls 2004-11-13
I have always had a real soft spot for a pretty girl in a school uniform, not a 'fake' uniform, l...
Scenarios 2006-03-04
This poll will put u in different scenarios. answer the best u can
What are boys locker rooms like at your school? (BOYS ONLY) 2011-05-16
What is the boys locker room like at your school?
High School Upskirts 2004-02-28
a better poll replacing the lame poll about High School Upskirts I put up before
What color is a school bus? 2006-02-14
Help us solve a family dispute...What color is a school bus
Middle School Guys and Girls 2002-03-08
This Poll will ask a variety of questions about issues that Middle School age Boys and Girls deal...
Girls Clothing (7 to 17 only) 2006-03-12
what do you really wear and be totaly truthful with your answers
Teen guys in leather jackets 2006-05-23
It seems like there have been fewer teen boys wearing leather jackets the last couple years. A sh...
Boy's / Son's Dress Code at Home 2004-01-01
Reading some of the results of other polls, I was really surprised that so many boys have some ki...
Boys vs. Girls highschool wrestling 2002-03-04
In many states, girls are now participating on highschool wrestling teams. Many girls defeat boys...
Girls tickling boys 2013-01-14
This poll is open for all girls. Guys will get their turn later. Girls, what will you do in the ...
Kids kicking off their shoes in class 2005-06-17
Nowadays, many kids are allowed to take lessons in socks, as this make learning much more relaxed...
being a bisexual teen 2008-05-16
i hate it being bisexual and having the other people at my school make fun of me whats your opin...
School Physicals 2002-04-11
poll for males about visits to the school nurse
The perfect girls school uniform 2010-07-08
The perfect girls school uniform
School Bullies Attack! 2007-12-06
This is a poll to see how many people are bullied at school.
School Play Nudity 2013-05-13
When you were in middle school or high school did you ever see anyone of the opposite sex changin...
Buff Cheerleaders 2008-01-06
Hi my name is Kimberly. Im a cheerleader for my high school ive always had a very feminine body ....