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School Life


High School Showers 2008-10-03
Serious answers please. Please answer completely truthfully to how you feel.
WHat Do You Like To Wear To School? 2003-11-04
WHen I went to school you can wear almost what you want to school. You can wear Jeans, shorts, T-...
York University: undergrad mental health due to the strike 2008-12-14
York University: undergrad mental health due to the strike
Wet Pants or Allowed Restroom Visits Part Two 2003-09-08
Wet Pants or Allowed Restrrom Visits generated a lot of opinions. Here are moe questions that wil...
Footwear for boys at school 2003-01-03
If you could decide the dress code for boys at school, what would you choose as footwear?
Campus nudity 2002-02-04
Some questions about nudity on college campuses
Boys wearing short uniform pants to school 2005-04-24
A study of opinions about boys school uniform dress code related to wearing uniform shorts to hig...
School Caning 2012-02-27
Should the cane be returned to use in schools
Regulation Panties And Underwear Checks (Girls Only Please) 2009-02-23
When i was at school we had to wear full-cut navy blue briefs and had random checks.If we did not...
Teen Males Sleeping on a School Trip 2010-06-16
I am 13 and am going on a school trip in October to Italy. I will be sharing a room with some oth...
Design the Perfect School Uniform (for girls) 2008-07-02
Sick of your school uniform? Design one you would like to wear.
School underwear rules 2008-11-07
Got talking with some friends about rules we had at school about underwear, either written as par...
Are stockings becoming popular at your school? 2006-07-11
My school have quite a strict uniform code and I have noticed a lot more girls at my school now w...
What do you wear to bed? (guys only) 2010-04-09
What do you wear to bed? (guys only)
Barefoot P.E 2003-05-28
Going barefoot is a growing concept in life these days in school and everywhere else, please fill...
Showering after P.E. class (GUYS ONLY) 2008-06-27
Showering after P.E. class (GUYS ONLY)
upskirt (teen girls only plz) 2005-04-06
this poll is to find out girls feelings on upskirt (guys or girls looking up your skirt with or w...
Why were you seen naked? 2003-02-22
I am wondering why people have been seen naked and for what reason. Also under what circumstances...
Principal Suspended, Lifted Girls Skirts as Boys Watch 2003-09-19
<BR><FONT FACE="Arial, Times Roman, Serif" size="+1"><b>Cal...
places to pee at school 2007-03-06
i pee where ever i feel and wonder if others do too
Punching Girls In The Stomach 2003-01-14
A poll for guys who like to punch girls in the stomach.
School, School, Stupid Boring School.... 2003-02-07
Who likes school? I certainly do not!
shorts at school, at home and otherwise 2009-08-05
The history of short trousers reflects the history of education itself. It is interesting to cons...
The Perfect Girl For A Guy (Guys) 2004-08-21
What IS a guy's perfect girl? Don't you ever want to know that? Well guys, please answer the ques...
What age shud girls start wearing thongs 2003-04-17
i know this gurl and she is 10 and she thinks she is old enough to wear a thong