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School Life


Skirt Flippings - How Should Boys Be Punished? 2003-08-30
<BR> The author of this poll believes that too many boys today get away with far too much ...
Indoor PE in bare feet? 2001-11-09
Do you love that feeling of shoeless freedom in PE? Or do you shudder at the thought of your bare...
Teen Babies 2009-08-03
Im 16 and my mom and dad make me wear diapers and they still spank me and treat me like a baby, i...
Uniform knickers at UK secondary schools 2002-02-11
A poll for girls at secondary school. Answers to a previous poll on 'Girls' secondary school uni...
Duck Duck Goose - Duck Duck Grey Duck 2005-01-31
I grew up in central Wisconsin, where we played a childrens game called "Duck Duck Goose&quo...
Forced to hold it as punishment 2003-09-23
Has a teacher or your parents ever punshished you by not letting you go to the bathroom? If so pl...
Wearing School Uniform After School 2004-07-26
This is a fairly detailed poll to investigate how students dress after school and if they keep it...
High School Wrestling 2004-01-07
These are just some questions for boys who wrestle(d) in high school
High School Teachers that paddle students 2007-08-14
I am doing a paper on corporal punishment in high school. I am an adult high school student and i...
Gym Lockerroom Erections 2003-07-16
For guys only... obviously!
Boys who have been tied/gagged wearing their school uniform 2009-08-08
Boys, have you found that you are getting tied up a lot more when you are wearing your school uni...
UK Schoolgirls in uniform. 2003-12-22
A quiz for all the schoolgirls in the UK and Ireland who wear a school uniform.Please only parti...
School changing rooms 2002-11-22
Do you get embarrassed having to change your clothes in front of your school friends? What are t...
School swimwear 2003-01-27
What do (or did) you wear for swimming lessons at school
Fraternities (most popular to least) 2003-10-06
This poll is about fraternities and their order of popularity among college student
The Worst School in the World? 2006-03-17
On balance, what is the worst international school in the world?
Wearing Your Sandals To School 2005-04-07
I never wore sandals to school, because they were not in style yet. Now, when I see kids walk to ...
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Girls who have been tied/gagged wearing their school uniform 2009-08-08
Girls, have you found that you are getting tied up a lot more when you are wearing your school un...
brother/sister-love/hate 2003-08-28
This poll is to determine the amount of love/hate sisters/brothers have for each other
PE Kit 2002-03-19
Parents are often pressured into buying expensive football shirts or trainers to be worn for scho...
Teen Guys Height/Weight/Shoe Size 2009-06-12
Just too see how tall, heavy and how big y'alls feet are
Boyfriend lost bet 2003-02-19
My boyfriend lost a bet last week and I thought, similar to a poll I've seen here before, I'd let...
TeenBoys Lockeroom 2009-12-25
TeenBoys Lockeroom
Kilts as School Uniform 2007-12-15
A school in Edinburgh (the James Gillespie school) has introduced kilts as part of the standard u...