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School Life


showers at middle schools 2003-10-18
I have to take showers at school somtimes after we have been runing a lot or if we do somthing th...
What color socks do you wear? 2004-10-26
Most kids and teens from what I have seen wear white socks, however there are those that wear oth...
Mixed Sleepovers (boys and girls) 2007-12-06
Hi, i'm wondering if i should have a mixed sleepover but worrying if this is unacceptable at a ce...
Taking Shoes Off In Class (Boys only) 2011-02-23
I personally LOVE to take my shoes off in school, play about with them and walk around in my sock...
my punishment 2015-07-10
Im a 13 year old girl and in my last poll i got spanked for swearing at a teacher and getting sus...
What's Under The Skirt... 2002-05-23
I'm 13 and in grade 8. Next year I'll be going to a Catholic high school. We have several options...
Gym showers 2003-04-09
Hey, this poll is for middle schoolers going into high school where your nevous or highschooler t...
Jockstrap for school 2008-09-15
Jockstrap for school
Girls vs Boys In School 2004-03-30
Statistics show that females are scoring higher and and advancing further than males in education...
PE detentions 2007-01-10
I am interested to know if anyone has had or still gets PE detentions (for misbehavour in PE or f...
locker rooms 2007-07-24
i was just wondering
Have You Been Caned in School? 2011-05-09
Have You Been Caned in School?
Have You Forgoten Your P.E. Kit 2002-10-13
After reading some polls on this site i was interested about situations where people have forgott...
Premarital Sex Survey 2002-05-02
Please participate in this survey ONLY if you are currently a high school student (ages 14-19) T...
Boys summer school uniform in the UK 2006-05-09
Now the weather has turned warmer are more teenage boys wearing shorts to school.
Belly shirts 2005-05-26
Do you wear belly shirts? This poll is addressed to teenage girls.
boys saggin their pants 2004-11-28
boys saggin
whats under your sports uniform girls? 2010-11-09
girls underwear sports poll
Boys Changing Rooms 2010-11-12
Boys Changing Rooms
Survey for college guys who live in the dorms on campus at college. 2011-02-14
This survey is for guys who live on campus at college.
moms and teen boys 2014-02-02
i am a mom of a teen aged son and would like to know about what are the thing that a mom face wit...
Punishment for bad grades 2015-08-11
Hello my girlfriend needs some help in school, she has been getting lots of bad grades and she ne...
Catfights: Guys Only! 2005-01-18
Have you seen a catfight?
Sex Ed 2004-01-07
I'm just curious what people think about the sex ed they have received
Guys in Tight Jeans 2008-11-21
Guys in Tight Jeans