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School Life


Mixed Sleepovers (boys and girls) 2007-12-06
Hi, i'm wondering if i should have a mixed sleepover but worrying if this is unacceptable at a ce...
Girls vs Boys In School 2004-03-30
Statistics show that females are scoring higher and and advancing further than males in education...
What color socks do you wear? 2004-10-26
Most kids and teens from what I have seen wear white socks, however there are those that wear oth...
What's Under The Skirt... 2002-05-23
I'm 13 and in grade 8. Next year I'll be going to a Catholic high school. We have several options...
Have You Forgoten Your P.E. Kit 2002-10-13
After reading some polls on this site i was interested about situations where people have forgott...
Skateboarding: A Sport? 2004-09-25
Here's a poll on our story on the athletics of skateboarding, we want your opinion on the matter!
PE detentions 2007-01-10
I am interested to know if anyone has had or still gets PE detentions (for misbehavour in PE or f...
Gym showers 2003-04-09
Hey, this poll is for middle schoolers going into high school where your nevous or highschooler t...
Jockstrap for school 2008-09-15
Jockstrap for school
Have You Been Caned in School? 2011-05-09
Have You Been Caned in School?
Boys in High School 2013-12-26
This is a poll for boys only in high school
locker rooms 2007-07-24
i was just wondering
Wanking / Jaking-off 2015-04-06
How you wank; where you wank; who you wank with; - that kinda thing
Premarital Sex Survey 2002-05-02
Please participate in this survey ONLY if you are currently a high school student (ages 14-19) T...
Sex Ed 2004-01-07
I'm just curious what people think about the sex ed they have received
Belly shirts 2005-05-26
Do you wear belly shirts? This poll is addressed to teenage girls.
Boys summer school uniform in the UK 2006-05-09
Now the weather has turned warmer are more teenage boys wearing shorts to school.
College Dorm Life (Guys only) 2011-04-29
I am going to college soon, and I want to know what it is like to live in a dorm. Please answer t...
boys saggin their pants 2004-11-28
boys saggin
Boys Changing Rooms 2010-11-12
Boys Changing Rooms
Attire and Health Surveillance for School-Going Kids 2008-10-21
I am interested in finding preferences of parents as to what they would like their kids to wear, ...
What punishments did you get at school? 2003-05-01
I hate school. Imagine gaving to write 1000 lines after school before being allowed to go home. ...
Survey for college guys who live in the dorms on campus at college. 2011-02-14
This survey is for guys who live on campus at college.
Catfights: Guys Only! 2005-01-18
Have you seen a catfight?
Guys in Tight Jeans 2008-11-21
Guys in Tight Jeans