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School Life


Can you make a tight beat with your hands or pencils 2005-05-31
When I'm in school I usually make a beat with my hands or pencils if I have them.The ladies occas...
What I should do next time i go swimming 2010-06-02
im going to do whatever this poll says for the next time i go swimming
Hot Female Teachers 2006-07-24
This is a poll about your hot female teacher when u were in Grade 5 - Grade 12
Schools and Punishment''s 2005-09-19
Teenage/school life qualms: uniform, punishment etc. 2003-01-31
Hated wearing uniform? Felt unfairly persecuted by taechers and parents? How strict were yours?
Hardest Subject 2002-05-10
What is the hardest subject in school?
School (Girls Only) 2011-06-13
I use to have a friend that would come to school with no underwear on under her skirt how many gi...
Punishment for bad grades 2015-08-11
Hello my girlfriend needs some help in school, she has been getting lots of bad grades and she ne...
Boys dressing smartly 2007-08-21
Following previous polls on a similar subject, but all a couple of years old and no longer provok...
Uniforms in School 2003-06-29
When I was younger, i was enrolled in a private school. While there I had to wear uniforms. I wan...
Girls and school skirts 2012-02-02
School skirts are getting shorter, and meanwhile boys are getting much more flustered and finding...
High school underwear (guys only) 2009-12-16
High school underwear (guys only)
whats under your sports uniform girls? 2010-11-09
girls underwear sports poll
my punishment 2015-07-10
Im a 13 year old girl and in my last poll i got spanked for swearing at a teacher and getting sus...
What is your most common punishment 2002-02-11
What punishment to your parents give to you most commonly
Are you a gangsta ? 2005-06-20
Hello my name is Dominic and I am going to do i poll on gangstas and why you sag your pants and t...
Changing at schools gym lockers (guys only) 2010-04-19
Changing at schools gym lockers (guys only)
showers at middle schools 2003-10-18
I have to take showers at school somtimes after we have been runing a lot or if we do somthing th...
Girl wedgies 2004-11-28
God you know you hate them. I have been to all of the 50 states and the worst were in MA, where ...
changing rooms (boys only) 2007-05-29
this poll is to help find out what happens in the changing rooms
Taking Shoes Off In Class (Boys only) 2011-02-23
I personally LOVE to take my shoes off in school, play about with them and walk around in my sock...
I am a sixteen year old girl. I have to wear a shirt and tie, wool sweater, blazer, skirt, and ti...
HS and college-aged boys and jockstraps 2011-02-14
This is a poll about high school and college-aged guys' (past and present) attitudes towards jock...
I Got Paddled In School 2014-06-13
This poll is open to anyone who received corporal punishment in school. You must be 13 & up t...
When you are getting changed after a p.e. lesson does a male teacher walk into the girls changing...