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School Life


High School Shows 2001-10-22
Hays ROTC 2001-10-21
mostly just for rotc people
Smoking In School 2001-10-21
Hiya. This poll is on smoking at school. We can't smoke at my school. We have to hide in bushes j...
Forgotton PE Kit 2001-10-20
Being a girl of 14, I was forced to do PE at school in my bra and panties in a mixed lesson after...
Brian Deneke 2001-10-19
A punk ran over by a jock, the jock didn't spend a day in jail, injustice?
Kari's Poll 2001-10-19
Teens-- we're the new generation. Generation Y to be exact. That's why our opinions and ideas m...
School swimwear 2001-10-17
what did you wear to swim at primary school ?
Weekends for students 2001-10-08
If you're a student, what do you usually do on the weekend in the daytime (before about 4 or 5 PM)?
What do you hate about school? 2001-10-02
Everyone hates school. You know you do. If you like school, Im sorry that your such a dork. Well,...
Poll for Cheerleaders 2001-09-30
If you are a cheerleader or were in the last few years, please answer these questions. If you fee...
do you like high school 2001-09-24
i was wondering how many people like high school.
R u a slacker. 2001-09-22
I don't like slackers. They take atvantage of the smarter. Which would be me and my friends. Do u...
Who r u? 2001-09-22
R u a bitch, preppy, sporty???
School in the Sun 2001-09-18
In 1910, a man by the name of Dr. A. Rollier started what was called 'The School in the Sun'. At ...
Corporeal Punishment in Schools 2001-01-18
School paddlings were once common in the United States, but many states have outlawed corporeal p...
Evolution in schools? 2000-09-30
A study that has just come out has found that 12 US states NEVER use the word "evolution&quo...
What Should I Buy? 2000-05-25
Recently I was with my teen age son at the store. He needed some clothes for summer. I placed a p...
Should motorcycle riders wear helmets? 1999-06-26
For over 30 years, the feds have mandated helmets for motorcycle riders. Now, the feds gave the c...