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School Life


Reintroduction of C.P.in U.K. schools 2001-11-09
40 private schools are today asking the English High Court for permission to reintroduce corporal...
Which Pulver Dance is the Best? 2001-11-09
From the early "Cucumber" to the newest "Do The Pulver" the infamous dances o...
Wut grl has the prettiest eyes At MPJH? (7th) 2001-11-09
Whoz eyez do u just luv 2 stare at when u talk 2 them?
has anyone ever heard of Corsicana? 2001-11-09
Corsicana is such a small town that I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of it.
Common Questions 2001-11-09
This Poll is to determine favorites of people our age. Music, careers, colors, TV shows and other...
female swim class poll 2001-11-09
When I had I swam in school we always wore one- piece swimsuits (it wasn't a mixed class). What d...
Check this one out 2001-11-09
Who dresses the best at Corsicana High School?
who is or was the best coach at bailey? 2001-11-09
vote who is or was the best coach at bailey
How many students have used a drug? 2001-11-09
This is strickly a survey that the results will be used in a school project. Please tell the trut...
Whats better Ford or Chevy? 2001-10-26
Chevys suck
What do you keep in your backpack? 2001-10-25
This poll is to find out what is kept in a backpack other than school books and folders.
who's better 2001-10-24
hey small peep's who's better...
Is it OK to be barefoot in PE? 2001-10-23
In 90th I was a PE teacher in Czech. I tried recommend to my students do their lessons with bare...
if you could ask harry potter out (barton) 2001-10-23
if you could ask harry potter out would you
Hang-outs @Hays 2001-10-22
Which is the best place to chill on campus?
zzz 2001-10-22
Do high school students recieve enough sleep?
High School Shows 2001-10-22
Hays ROTC 2001-10-21
mostly just for rotc people
Smoking In School 2001-10-21
Hiya. This poll is on smoking at school. We can't smoke at my school. We have to hide in bushes j...
Forgotton PE Kit 2001-10-20
Being a girl of 14, I was forced to do PE at school in my bra and panties in a mixed lesson after...
Brian Deneke 2001-10-19
A punk ran over by a jock, the jock didn't spend a day in jail, injustice?
Kari's Poll 2001-10-19
Teens-- we're the new generation. Generation Y to be exact. That's why our opinions and ideas m...
School swimwear 2001-10-17
what did you wear to swim at primary school ?
Weekends for students 2001-10-08
If you're a student, what do you usually do on the weekend in the daytime (before about 4 or 5 PM)?
What do you hate about school? 2001-10-02
Everyone hates school. You know you do. If you like school, Im sorry that your such a dork. Well,...