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School Life


Boys Showering at School (Teen Guys Only) 2002-02-14
Just wondering how many of you have to shower at school.
Studentica Collectibles 2002-02-12
This poll is to launch discussion about student fraternities and student folklore everywhere.
What is your most common punishment 2002-02-11
What punishment to your parents give to you most commonly
which would you choose? 2002-02-11
Uniform knickers at UK secondary schools 2002-02-11
A poll for girls at secondary school. Answers to a previous poll on 'Girls' secondary school uni...
Socks and tights at UK schools 2002-02-11
I've noticed that sheer tights are becoming more popular among my schoolfriends. I am interested ...
Campus nudity 2002-02-04
Some questions about nudity on college campuses
wedgies 2002-01-31
girls do you pick your wedgies in public
Candice & Kristie's very cool poll! 2002-01-18
Heya Everyone! Hope ya like our poll!
Barefoot PE 2002-01-13
Please answer these questions truthfully
Skool Bandz 2001-12-31
This is a poll about band stuf! :)
OPTICS POLL 2001-12-31
What 1st year Optometry Student hasnt though about grabbing the nearest sharp object and using it...
teen's views on corporal punishment in schools 2001-12-23
poll on why or why not on corporal punishment
Who do you need the most... 2001-12-19
Which player on a gameplan rosta do you consider it the most important be, fully skilled, and exp...
What Test taking skills do you have? 2001-12-19
There are many teachers saying how to take a test, what do you do?
This is your sex life 2001-12-16
This is to describe and let others no basically of ur sexual lifes- hehe
WILL SHAKESPEARE and Literature syllabus in schools 2001-12-15
Need to find figures for my language assignment on what people think should be taught under the l...
School Subject 2001-12-13
What do you like learning ?
What school clothes did u wear? (for under 16s) 2001-12-12
What school clothes did u have to wear? or did they let u wear anything?
High School Privacy: Student Rights 2001-12-06
This poll was generated by college students involved in a research project concerning the level o...
Wrestling (do u like it or not?) 2001-12-04
This poll is pretty simple. It's is about whether you like wrestling or not.
Superbowl 2001-12-03
brief intro
Favorite Class 2001-11-27
What is your favorite class?
random things 2001-11-24
hmm...this is just a poll about some random things.
Phys Ed Poll Test 2001-11-14