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School Life


Greek or Geek? Is Greek Life at your college worth it? 2002-03-19
We have all seen the positive and negative aspect of frats and sororities in college. Now we want...
homophobia 2002-03-19
i want to see what homophobia is like at school
PE Kit 2002-03-19
Parents are often pressured into buying expensive football shirts or trainers to be worn for scho...
Does school suck or not 2002-03-16
Do you like school
Do You feel that you are being treated unfair by teachers? 2002-03-15
Are you being treated unfair by teachers, because that's what my poll is about. It is for a proj...
A Poll About Anything! 2002-03-14
This poll has all kinds of questions that you can answer. Some can have more than one answer oth...
Should Kids be able to have a lunch break? 2002-03-14
should kids have a lunch break whatever the age and go eat out at any restaurat they wanted? I t...
Let's try something different 2002-03-11
The purpose of life.
Are you concieded? 2002-03-11
most people call each other concieded, but are they really? take this poll to find out
Middle School Guys and Girls 2002-03-08
This Poll will ask a variety of questions about issues that Middle School age Boys and Girls deal...
My History Poll 2002-03-08
hey guys! i have a major report due and i need your input. so just answer these honestly and to t...
BeSt SpRiNg BrEaK HaNgOuTs 2002-03-08
this poll is about where the coolest places to be this springs break. as in places like the mall ...
R u sexy 2002-03-04
survey on title
Being made fun of in school 2002-03-04
This is a poll where I am curious about how many people were picked on in High School and how man...
Boys vs. Girls highschool wrestling 2002-03-04
In many states, girls are now participating on highschool wrestling teams. Many girls defeat boys...
have you ever been barefoot in school as punishment? 2002-02-25
hi i am curious if you have ever been made to go barefoot at school for wearing inapropriate foot...
school activity cut 2002-02-25
ok this is to vote if you think school should cut are activies for there stupid governement thing
girls beating boys 2002-02-18
please fill in the boxes if interested
PE in bare feet 2002-02-18
Did you ever do PE in your bare feet? Did it bother you?
Fave Store 2002-02-18
What is your favorite store?
Jack 2002-02-18
hey peeps im trying to convince my friends that its okay for me to go out with jack
Music 2002-02-18
Welcome to this poll. This poll is intended for entertainmen purposes. This poll does not necessa...
what will make me best 2002-02-18
this poll is to all the ladies, help me to be good on the first time instead of blowin it the fir...
what you want in a boy/girl friend 2002-02-18
this is where you pick what a guy/girl really wants in a boy/girl friend
What girls like,want, etc... 2002-02-18
It's about what girls like in guys, what they want, etc..