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School Life


PARTY AGE LIMIT 2002-04-25
This poll will give a better understanding that if your old enough fight your old enough to drink.
The rod at school 2002-04-22
This poll is about returning corporal punishment to our school system.
Hair Accessories 2002-04-22
What do you think of hair accesories in school?
Banning Scrunchies From Schools in the UK 2002-04-22
This poll is about scrunchies being banned from school.
Cheating on Tests!! 2002-04-22
okay... come on... I know you've all done it at least once! Or tried at least! Now come on and fe...
girls violence at school Please only girls vote 2002-04-19
spankings fights
iLLiTeRaCy 2002-04-18
Hey everyone! I am a student in High School and have to do a poll including at least 100 people, ...
Uniforms 2002-04-15
In some schools there is a uniform policy.
Older brothers 2002-04-15
the first one is always going to be what happens to me. thi si about olderbrothers
When you are getting changed after a p.e. lesson does a male teacher walk into the girls changing...
School Physicals 2002-04-11
poll for males about visits to the school nurse
Growing Up Middle School 2002-04-09
Questions bout middle school
P.E. clothing at school 2002-04-09
This poll is for pupils or persons who attended school during the last 15 years. Older can answe...
the questionaire 2002-04-01
just answer the questions..
Webclub Survey #1 2002-04-01
This is the very first poll of the year, and you get to be one of the first to use it. Answer the...
what do guys like 2002-03-27
who cares there just guys lol jk
Student Fairness, Again 2002-03-27
Do you think that teachers screaming at students is OK?
Student Fairness 2002-03-27
do you feel that you are being treated unfair by teachers, then vote here.
Curious about PE kit 2002-03-27
I keep hearing stories from the UK that girls are made to wear short garments, which in the UK th...
School Detention 2002-03-27
I live in the UK and our school has just began an after school detention policy. A code of coduct...
We need your thoughts! (pub) 2002-03-25
We are conducting a poll to determine the interest level in a fully accredited, live, interactive...
Are You In "The Loop"? 2002-03-20
The loop is what is popular in the world right at this moment in time.
Greek or Geek? Is Greek Life at your college worth it? 2002-03-19
We have all seen the positive and negative aspect of frats and sororities in college. Now we want...
homophobia 2002-03-19
i want to see what homophobia is like at school
PE Kit 2002-03-19
Parents are often pressured into buying expensive football shirts or trainers to be worn for scho...