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School Life


P.E in bare feet (under 16's) 2002-08-26
In school these days P.E teachers ask a little bit more from you by asking you to do the lesson b...
Punishment Exercises 2002-08-22
want to get everyone`s thoughts on wat punishment we should get at school
Band 2002-08-22
Seeking to find what people think is peppier and more appropriate for football games to be played...
Which languages are tought in schools? 2002-08-19
This is a poll to find out how many (foreign) languages are tought in schoold around the world.
Back to school 2002-08-12
I just want to know what teens think of going back to school at the end of summer vacation
High School Band and Orchestra 2002-08-06
The purpose of this poll is to find what the affect is of being an instrumentalist in high school...
Teen Girl Survey (Girls only please) 2002-08-06
This is a poll for any girls aged 16 or under to take part in.
Are you a nerd or not 2002-08-05
do you like school to much? do you not have friends? do you not have a girlfriend/a boy friend? i...
Girls wearing two pairs of knickers. 2002-08-05
When I was in school I had to wear two pairs of knickers. A white one next to the skin and a navy...
Random school poll(for teenagers) 2002-08-05
There is so much emphasis today on popularity and being a certain "type" for teens and ...
Embarrasing moments at school - guys only 2002-08-05
What is the most embarassing thing that happened to you at school? Go on confess!
School Uniforms 2002-08-05
Do you think schools should be allowed to make a school unfiorm?
Teen's Jobs 2002-07-23
For teens 13-19 ONLY please, or the results won't be true.
The "cool" test 2002-07-14
(Now I know "cool" is way too broad, ... this is why there's this survey) What do *u...
***About high school***-high school kids ONLY please! 2002-07-14
This poll is for high school kids ONLY please! Answer only once, and answer honestly.
How Should The Girls Wear? 2002-07-05
This is a normal question that I keep thinking everyday! What should girls wear in the school? Pl...
Favourite Subjects 2002-06-28
Please vote for your favourite subject(s) by selecting them.
About everything 2002-06-18
You pick which is better
Sell outs in high school 2002-06-10
Everyone in high school has those people in or within another group that claims that they aren't ...
School Prefects in the UK 2002-06-07
Just curious to find out if your school has prefects and what their powers are. Are they used fa...
How tall are you? 2002-06-07
Are you as tall as others of your age all around the world? Compare! This poll concerns boys. The...
Detention 2002-06-06
I got my first detention this week and would like to see how many detentions you have had at scho...
Christian schools should cane. 2002-06-06
All Christian Schools must be able to use the cane or paddle for all student misconduct. The rod ...
9th grade prom 2002-06-03
Please answer these questions concerning 9th grade prom.
Rachel & Trista's Crazy poll 2002-05-31
"i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts. dee da lee dee!" Take this poll, and you'll find...