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School Life


High School Subjects 2002-10-17
What are your favorite High School Subjects
What bugs teachers more? 2002-10-17
What things really annoy teachers? If you've done one, check the box that says "I did it&quo...
What About Piano Lessons 2002-10-17
I really hate practicing piano, playing piano, and piano lessons. Am I the only one?
Have You Forgoten Your P.E. Kit 2002-10-13
After reading some polls on this site i was interested about situations where people have forgott...
Stuff poll 2002-10-13
Stuff Poll
Year six england junior or primary school p.e. kit 2002-10-09
this is for year six boys in english primary or junior schools to find out what you all wear for ...
UK Summer School Uniforms (senior/high school girls only) 2002-10-09
Some schools make school uniforms extremely uncomfortable (especially during the summer months). ...
Morality poll for people 10-16 2002-10-03
My poll is on peoples reactions to moral sensitive situations.
Excuse me! 2002-10-03
What would happen if a classmate farted in YOUR classroom? You would...
school social class 2002-10-03
Are you a nerd, a jock...?
High School Seniors poll 2002-10-03
This poll is for honest HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS ONLY!!!! Class of 2003 ONLY!!!
school trousers uk boys 2002-09-16
What age do boys change from short to long trousers
Tardies 2002-09-10
Many people are often late to class because the schools are crowded and as a result they are tardy.
barefoot pe outside 2002-09-10
hi, i'm curious as to how many people have been made to do pe outside in bare feet.
girls fashion 2002-09-10
hey do this poll on teen girl fashion!!
WHY, OH GOD WHY TESTS? 2002-09-04
This poll is here to show the world that, yes it is true, all students don't need tests to forfil...
When you get home from school... 2002-09-04
This poll is for school kids(of any age, even college) only. If you are in school, take the quiz...
High School Upskirts? 2002-09-01
I'm just curious as to how many people look up girls' skirts and what the girls think about it. ...
ballet classes for boys 2002-08-26
What do boys think about taking ballet classes at school
what are you allowed to wear to school? 2002-08-26
In my school we have a strict uniform, I have heard of other schools that have no dress code at a...
P.E in bare feet (under 16's) 2002-08-26
In school these days P.E teachers ask a little bit more from you by asking you to do the lesson b...
Punishment Exercises 2002-08-22
want to get everyone`s thoughts on wat punishment we should get at school
Band 2002-08-22
Seeking to find what people think is peppier and more appropriate for football games to be played...
Which languages are tought in schools? 2002-08-19
This is a poll to find out how many (foreign) languages are tought in schoold around the world.
Back to school 2002-08-12
I just want to know what teens think of going back to school at the end of summer vacation