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School Life


Teenage/school life qualms: uniform, punishment etc. 2003-01-31
Hated wearing uniform? Felt unfairly persecuted by taechers and parents? How strict were yours?
Consoles 2003-01-30
Just a basic poll to help me with my Maths Coursework. Please only vote if you've male and in Se...
School 2003-01-30
What is/are the worst thing(s) about your school?
School Uniform 2003-01-30
Lookin sexy in school uniform!
Homosexuality 2003-01-27
Hello All. In keeping with my somewhat controversial polls, I am asking this question
Initiation at High Schools and Colleges 2003-01-27
Many of the High schools in my region have an initiation process for the grade 8's. The grade 8'...
School swimwear 2003-01-27
What do (or did) you wear for swimming lessons at school
Sleep wear for summer camp 2003-01-22
My 14-year old son gets to go to summer camp for the first time. It will be here in the Southeas...
Punching Girls In The Stomach 2003-01-14
A poll for guys who like to punch girls in the stomach.
at the swimming pool 2003-01-14
i saw this stupid kid today peed in the pool when we were at swimming class. my mom would ground...
Holding in farts 2003-01-13
Everyboy farts! Some of us fart a lot and as much as it hurts to, we just have to hold them in in...
Footwear for boys at school 2003-01-03
If you could decide the dress code for boys at school, what would you choose as footwear?
Talents 2003-01-03
I'm not really very good at anything but I get good grades in school. I feel pretty dumb outside ...
which kinda guys are sweetest 2003-01-03
who do u think is sweetest?
Going out in your socks - girls & parents 2003-01-03
I stopped off at at supermarket today and with her mother was a young girl (aged about 7). The gi...
boys' school uniforms-- shorts required 2002-12-24
From both my personal experience & from reading it seems when boys are made to go in school u...
Beaten . 2002-12-20
Hi, I go to a privet school where they allow 12 graders to beat on 7th graders. Im a 7th grader. ...
Which Guy Do U Like Most? (Only For Middle School Girls) 2002-12-16
What do girls want from guys?
Sex 2002-12-16
I know this is really a dumb thing to do but I figure I should do it.
To much Homework!!!!!!!!!! 2002-12-16
If you're under 18 do U ever find you have far to much homework?
School (ages 11-18 please) 2002-12-16
This Poll is made to compare what U think of school to what other people think of it! Thanks for ...
Random Poll 2002-12-15
This is just a poll about random, everyday things. Hope you enjoy.
SAT's 2002-12-12
The Importance of the SAT
Just Vote!
8th Grader Classes 2002-12-12
This is a Poll to see what classes students in 8th grade take. I just want to see how my area com...