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School Life


High School 2003-05-20
What was your high school life like?
Our President 2003-05-14
Hello. Some people think our president is a moron. Some do not. (Like me!) I want to see if y...
Does it bother you ladies, when guys talk about this? 2003-05-14
Just wondering what guys should keep to themselves when around ladies...
Classmates in the change room 2003-05-14
This poll is to explore what happens when kids go swimming with their parents...and they see some...
Dream vacation? 2003-05-13
everythang to make ur vacation tha best...
Boys/Girls : who knows... 2003-05-06
Who's got more skills?
**Loverz** 2003-05-06
Wha's tha situation!?!?
Really interesting poll 2003-05-06
What punishments did you get at school? 2003-05-01
I hate school. Imagine gaving to write 1000 lines after school before being allowed to go home. ...
clothes 2003-05-01
what kind of clothes do you wear? is your school uniform fair?
Boys earrings 2003-04-24
Many schools prohibit boys from wearing earrings. Do you think this is right or wrong. Also, if ...
Must-Take School Poll. :) 2003-04-24
What a cool school poll. Hey, it rhymes! :D
Philosophy 2003-04-21
What type of philosophy do you prefer?
What age shud girls start wearing thongs 2003-04-17
i know this gurl and she is 10 and she thinks she is old enough to wear a thong
Prom Night 2003-04-11
This poll has to do with Prom Night.
name tags 2003-04-09
My school are making the students wear name tags at school with a bar code should they do this.
Gym showers 2003-04-09
Hey, this poll is for middle schoolers going into high school where your nevous or highschooler t...
Im watching you shower boys 2003-04-09
What do u usually do in the locker room?
Punk rockers? 2003-04-09
My friends and I, being TRUE punks, have realized the sad state of the punk rock scene. To prove...
Virgin 2003-04-08
It needs no more info.
Teaching Incarcerated Juveniles 2003-04-08
While most educators and government decision makers agree that incarcerated juveniles should rece...
What School Sucks The Most! 2003-04-07
School sucks enough, so why go to one U dont want to.
When should girls start wearing nylons? 2003-03-28
At what age should girls be allowed to wear nylon tights/pantyhose/stockings?
Have you ever been around when someone got a swirly swirlie? 2003-03-28
This poll is about giving or recieving swirlies in school.
Silly punishments in school 2003-03-25
My teachers are always handing out embarrassing punishments in class. I was wondering if other fo...