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School Life


Boy's Locker room habits 2004-01-07
I was just curious as to how other boys do what they do in the locker room
Sex Ed 2004-01-07
I'm just curious what people think about the sex ed they have received
Playboy: Cool or not? 2004-01-07
Does Playboy Magazine still have the hotness... or is it just a magazine for perverted old men?
You and your friends 2004-01-07
You're in a group with a friend that starts discussing a topic you notice your friend seems uncom...
Boy's / Son's Dress Code at Home 2004-01-01
Reading some of the results of other polls, I was really surprised that so many boys have some ki...
UK Schoolgirls in uniform. 2003-12-22
A quiz for all the schoolgirls in the UK and Ireland who wear a school uniform.Please only parti...
WEARING A SKIRT TO SCHOOL PART 2 (for women) 2003-12-21
Following the success of the first poll this delves a bit more into life for a UK schoolgirl. Yo...
Girls: bun huggers for school sports? 2003-12-19
Girls, do you have to wear bun huggers (aka athletics briefs or knickers) for school sports, or d...
R U ever called by your SURNAME at school? 2003-12-19
In UK schools 50 years ago, it was common for teachers to call boys by their surnames. At some s...
How strict are your teachers? 2003-12-17
ATTENTION ALL SCHOOL STUDENTS! What do you think? Are your teachers strict with you when you're h...
Alcoholism Survey 2003-12-16
This is a confidential survey for a highschool psychology course. Results will be used for an ess...
Private Vs. Public Schools 2003-12-16
I am out to find why, people choose to go to either private or public schools. I want to know wha...
Adidas Superstar / shells 2003-12-12
Adidas Superstar shoes are the rage of any high school, college, or club in the USA. These shoes...
Want More Freedom In School? 2003-12-08
Do you wish you had more freedom in school? Do you like to almost do what you would like to do?
The Bored Poll 2003-12-05
Hi bored people.
The purpose of this poll is to inquire as to the prevelance of eating disorders as well as dietin...
Controversial School Questions 2003-12-01
This is a poll with questions about school that are controversial.
MarkSeymour.TopCities.Com WebPoll 2003-11-24
Tell us what you like about school. Answer these poll questions.
who will win the superbowl? (2003-04) 2003-11-21
superbowl 37
Is it ok for [teenage] boys to have teddy bears? 2003-11-19
Hi my name is chris and im doing a research project about double standards in society. So I creat...
Bullying: is it bad? 2003-11-18
These are just questions about bullying and subjects related to bullying. It asks both the bullie...
Why Are Boys So Wierd? 2003-11-18
Do You Know Why Boys Are So Wierd They Make You Think They Like You But They Tell You They Dont
Pimples! 2003-11-18
Questions about pimple problems
private schools vs. public schools 2003-11-15
i used to go to a public school, now i go to a private school. a lot of people think private scho...
What Grades Do You Make? (Ages 10 to 18 only!) 2003-11-15
This poll will see what grades you make in school.