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School Life


High school marching band: Changing clothes on buses 2004-03-23
Anyone who's ever been in a marching band knows that it can be a uniquely bonding experience. On ...
Fraternities 2004-03-20
This is a poll reltated to Fraternaties.
Sex Education in the Classroom 2004-03-14
What do teens think about sex ed at school
Electronic Handheld Learning Gadget 2004-03-09
This survey is to find out if kids would like to use a cool and fun handheld Gadget to enhance th...
YOUR SCHOOL 2004-03-09
this is about u and your school
The Dating Pole!!! 2004-03-08
Have you been on a date?
do you like school? 2004-03-08
this is about how much you eather like/hate school.
Should girls have to wear ties ? 2004-03-03
I am just wondering whether most people think girls should have to wear a tie as part of a school...
Leotards - Sexist and Outdated? 2004-03-03
I have to wear a leotard for indoor PE at school. I hate leotards and so do most of my mates. W...
Have you ever frenched? 2004-03-03
Just wondering how many ppls have frenched!
What is Your Favorite Class? 2004-03-03
Say what your favorite class is.
depantsing 2004-02-28
when i was a freshman i was depantsed and deboxered in front of the whole cheerleader and volleyb...
High School Upskirts 2004-02-28
a better poll replacing the lame poll about High School Upskirts I put up before
SPRING BREAK!! 2004-02-27
Spring Break is comin' up...where you headed?
what do guys like about us girls??hmmm 2004-02-23
You guys should tell us what you really think???!!
Homosexual Teachers 2004-02-23
I attended a school which had many rumors of certain teachers being gay or lesbian, just wanted ...
PROM POLL 2004-02-23
take it for fun ;-D
Your Favorite Subject 2004-02-18
Let's see whats your favorite subject!
My Quiet Study Poll 2004-02-17
Find out if it is more beneficial for college students to study in quiet environments.
what do boys like in girls?middle skewl boys only pleeze!!!! 2004-02-17
hello.wut do boys want n a gurl?well hopefully,we can find out!!!this poll is gonna b long!but pl...
teacher's pet - for girls only 2004-02-17
teacher - student sexual attraction
Guys uniforms/dress codes/clothes 2004-02-15
I just wanted to know the general opinion of how boys/guys in school should dress. I am a 16 ye...
what's your study style? 2004-02-14
How do you study for test?
Teenboys and Tissues 2004-02-14
Boys attitudes to using Kleenex
Aaron & Christina's Crazy Poll 2004-02-08
This is a poll truly done by darkmasterchris and Imarai_vamp but anywho this is a crazy question...