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School Life


How should I wear my school uniform? 2015-08-11
I'm returning to school after a summer break and I'm wondering how I should wear my uniform when ...
Curfew for a teenage girl 2015-08-11
Hi everyone! My name is Patty and I'm curious to know what curfew you think a girl my age should ...
Choice of school punishment (primary school kids) 2015-07-22
This poll is mainly for primary school kids in the UK, but other kids feel free to answer too. Co...
How should I be punished for grades 2015-07-22
I am a 19 year old guy, and I have been doing very poorly in school, I need to set up punishments...
Have You Had a Wedgie? 2015-07-22
A poll for guys about their painful experience of a wedgie
Can a female help with my story about a history geek who ends up NAKED? 2015-07-22
Alison & Martin were college freshmen who were best friends. She was the more outgoing of the...
Disabled Children And Shoes At School 2015-07-10
I have a disability that means I walk with crutches. My feet are effected by my disability meanin...
Naked School 2015-07-10
Naked School
I got pantsd 2015-07-10
This is about your first pantsing and is only for the people who have been pantsed.
my punishment 2015-07-10
Im a 13 year old girl and in my last poll i got spanked for swearing at a teacher and getting sus...
Physical education PE detention 2015-07-10
Have you ever had a PE detention?
Detention 2015-07-10
have your kids ever been swimming fully clothed in their shoe and socks 2015-07-10
to find out if any parents know if their kids have ever been swimming fully clothed and if so why...
a question for kids to ask their parents right now 2015-07-10
to find out if any kids will ask their parents a question about doing some thing they would not n...
I was caned in the sixth form (females only, no male fantasists please!) 2015-07-10
The caning of girls in schools is a subject open to debate, fantasy & confusion. If you are a...
Wedgies and pantsing not for the givers only receivers 2015-06-21
Have you been....
School Uniform 2015-06-21
School Uniform
School's out for Summer! 2015-06-01 (closed)
What's your last day of classes for this term? Mine was today (May 29, 2015). What was yours?
kids swimming in a school in swimming pool fully clothed in their school uniform 2015-06-01
to find out if any kids would go swimming in their school swimming pool fully clothe in their sho...
parents letting their kids get a bath or shower fully clothed 2015-06-01
to find out if any parents will let their kids get a bath or shower fully clothed in their shoes ...
Learning with Technology 2015-05-21
I am looking to make a cool way to learn with technology
Fashion 2015-05-21
I want girls my age to be able to go on the Internet and find this very poll and maybe imitate my...
kids going swimming fully clothed 2015-05-04
to find out if any kids are going swimming at the weekend to the local swimming pool either on th...
Choose my spanking 2015-05-04
Hi, im a 13 year old girl and i have been suspended from school for being cheeky, talking back, d...