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School Life


Are you in band? 2004-08-04
So are you in band or are you a sports jock? Tell me !!
were tryin to find out whos lookin foward to skool....
This would be best for UK Students 2004-08-02
I just want to see how many people find any of there teachers, strict, terrifying, funny or knows...
For Kids in da UK 2004-08-02
Just want to know if you are a total Troublemaker, like me. Throughout these questions you may fi...
Wearing School Uniform After School 2004-07-26
This is a fairly detailed poll to investigate how students dress after school and if they keep it...
What are u looking for in a guy/girl 13-15 yr olds only plz 2004-07-20
What are the things u like about guys or girls
girls only 2004-07-20
this is a question about how you feel in school
Writing punishments 2004-07-08
Do you get ever get an essay as punishment at school. Some teachers assign essays that take hours...
Too old for shorts 2004-07-07
A poll to find out what age boys think they become too old to wear shorts to school and for speci...
What do you think? 2004-07-02
Souvenir from someone elected for your school's presidential election
Group Punishment 2004-07-01
Everyone's been in a class in which they've been punished for the actions of others. Take this po...
UK School Age Boys and White Pants 2004-06-29
No introduction will be needed! All UK lads of school age will be able to contribute something to...
Undergrad College Students 2004-06-26
Just wanna know about your situation while you are or were in college. <b>If you're not in...
Teen guys and muscles 2004-06-15
For boys only
Are braces sexy? 2004-06-14
Are braces sexy?
UK schools past and present 2004-06-14
I went to school in the 1970s and belive that schools then were stricter for the better. This pol...
Test Grading Poll 2004-06-11
In many classrooms, it is common for the teacher to have students self-grade quizzes, tests, and ...
Academic cheating 2004-06-09
My poll is about kids and adults cheating in school. I am doing this for an English class
How do you wear your School Uniform 2004-06-04
This is a poll on what people prefre to wera when wearing school uniform.
Are you dating someone??? 2004-06-04
everyone is anonymous
Do you like your teacher??? 2004-06-04
ok u remain anonymous so like if mr.helm comes to the website he wont give u straight Fs lol
Self analysis 2004-06-04
I want to know what people think of themselves, in the way of popularity, grades, and so on.
For girls ONLY 2004-06-04
What kind of guy do you like.
What Are Majoring in in College? 2004-05-28
Tell us!
Gothic schoolgirls 2004-05-24
For school girls who attend strict private schools and consider themselves to have "gothic&q...