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School Life


Education 2004-10-11
George W. Busch has a program called "No Child Left Behind" which is supposed to keep a...
Do you Like homework?? 2004-10-11
Do you like HOMEWORK???
It's A School Life 2004-10-11
Everyone hates school when teachers are mean, homework is heavy, and classes are boring. What do ...
are there alot of fights at your school? 2004-10-11
This poll is for those who go to schools where people get in fights alot.
Do I have a legal lawsuit against the school - toilet issue 2004-10-07
My 15 year old has had to walk out of class 2 times (once due to this class is right after lunch ...
Books, Computer or Gaming Console (PS2, XBOX, etc) or TV 2004-10-07
I am interested in getting this question answered as quickly as possible as I need the results fo...
Punks or Preppies..... 2004-10-07
This doesn't really have to deal with labels but what i wanna know is which would you prefer being?
School Skirt Lenths 2004-10-07
Our school is very strict on skirt lengths. This poll is to find out the rules in other schools i...
Middle School 2004-10-04
Ah yes we all have fond memories of middle school right?
underage drivers 2004-10-04
I just think underage/unlicensed driving is REALLY cool & fun, and I'm interested in the stor...
Random Thoughts of Blabey 2004-10-04
Dive deep into the mind of blabey to answer the most unanswerable of questions.
School Poll 2004-10-01
This is to determine a person's favorite subject.
ballet classes as alternative to school sports in the U.K. 2004-10-01
Ballet is a great way of keeping fit and learning a graceful artistic discipline.Ballet should be...
school 2004-09-28
do you wish there was no school
GIRLS what do you like in guys 2004-09-28
I'm just wondering if girls would like the type of guy i am.
SAT Score 2004-09-25
SAT Scores
Poll 4 School 2004-09-25
Ya I need the results of this poll for school so PLEASE do it.
Skateboarding: A Sport? 2004-09-25
Here's a poll on our story on the athletics of skateboarding, we want your opinion on the matter!
What does your dream girl look like? 2004-09-25
Guys What do your dream girls look like?
Brothers & Sisters 2004-09-20
Teen Back and Chest Hair 2004-09-20
For teen boys.
School Test-for all kids from 4th grade to high school. 2004-09-20
This poll is to understand if you school is the adverage or above normal standards.
School Lunches 2004-09-17
My poll
School - what do you think? 2004-09-17
your thoughts on school - is it such a bad place? maybe you are only seeing the surface of the co...
New Year 7's 2004-09-15
This small poll is to find out more about how you have settled down into your new schoo.