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School Life


Vote for Foreign Leaders
For guys whats your perfect idea of a girl? 2004-12-12
in this poll guys have to answer questions about what they think the perfect girl would be like....
Boys or Girls. 2004-12-09
This poll will show whether Boys and Girls think that one gender is more fairly treated at school.
Ever had problems with your college Admissions Office? 2004-12-08
Trying to collect data and opionions on the college Admissions Office
Public vs Private School 2004-12-03
I am doing this for an English paper. Thanks for your help!
boys saggin their pants 2004-11-28
boys saggin
Girl wedgies 2004-11-28
God you know you hate them. I have been to all of the 50 states and the worst were in MA, where ...
lines as punishment 2004-11-25
Do teachers at your school give hundreds of lines? Post details of the most you've ever received...
School uniforms, tattoos, piercings 2004-11-25
At our school most girls have at least one tattoo some have more. Many of us have at least one p...
What Does SEX Have To Do With SCHOOL 2004-11-23
Is your School infested with real hoes And want-to-be pimps. Take this poll and find out
Lord of the Rings vs Sex 2004-11-22
Lord of the Rings vs Sex IN HIGHSCHOOL
Questionnaire on College Students Choosing Partying and Drin 2004-11-22
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. The survey was created in order to obtain...
What do you boys really think? 2004-11-21
Ok, so I was wondering, what are you guys really thinking when you think of your perfect girl? Ju...
Belly Button Piercing 2004-11-21
I am making a poll on belly button piercings
Correct & Proper School Uniform for Girls 2004-11-13
I have always had a real soft spot for a pretty girl in a school uniform, not a 'fake' uniform, l...
Writing 2004-11-10
Are you a creative writer?
How does your school work? 2004-11-04
Quick questions about how teachers teacher, how the administration performs disciplin, and a few ...
Hawking and Spitting Loogies 2004-11-04
How many kids hawk and spit loogeys and where. A loogey is flem that is spat out from a cold or j...
Playing with girls in school 2004-11-04
When I was in high school, which wasn't too long ago, we had some fun with the girls. We snapped...
boys with jobs 2004-11-01
This poll is about boys who work and how they spend their money
Uniform/Dress Code Questionnaire-School Project 2004-10-30
Hi. I am a member of the student government at my high school. Our school district is set (unfort...
Which is the Best Grade? 2004-10-29
Which grade did you like the best?
The SAT and ACT 2004-10-27
Dont you just resolutely abhor the prodigious SAT/ACT of death?? Do you think it is slandered in ...
What color socks do you wear? 2004-10-26
Most kids and teens from what I have seen wear white socks, however there are those that wear oth...
all day dress codes 2004-10-24
hey, my parents have just started adding a strict dress code to my life, ever since my friend lik...