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School Life


Evolution in Schools 2005-02-08
I want to know how the majority of middle & high school students think about evolution being ...
Girl's Bathroom in High School 2005-02-08
Bathrooms are disgusting, especially at school. How do you handle them? This was actually a surve...
Do you take all the hard classes at school? 2005-02-08
Do you go tough or slack off?
Asking Out Girls (Guys Only) 2005-02-08
asking hot girls
School and Parents 2005-02-08
How strict is your life?
College 2005-02-08
I made this poll cuz I was wondering if ne1 else was scared to leave 4 college?
r math teachers evil 2005-02-04
is every math teacher as evil as mine?
School/Teachers/Classes 2005-02-04
Random stuff about school
blackadder on bullying and shorts 2005-02-02
Blackadder was a BBC history sitcom, each series set in a different era. Blackadder 2, made in 19...
Best/worst school classes 2005-01-31
Which classes do you like and which do you not like?
Poll 2005-01-31
Pics and Meanness:Grrls ONLY!!! 2005-01-31
Ya ever break up with a guy and get scared by how much you enjoyed watching his picture burn? or ...
Duck Duck Goose - Duck Duck Grey Duck 2005-01-31
I grew up in central Wisconsin, where we played a childrens game called "Duck Duck Goose&quo...
School letters 2005-01-31
this poll is about school letters
Dance Lessons In Barefeet 2005-01-25
If anyone had to do dance at school as a subject or part of PE, please answer these questions.
"Mean Girls:" Is it Real? (Girls Only) 2005-01-25
GIRLS ONLY: Does the meanness shown in the movie exist - or did it exist - at your school?
Teen Social Probelms 2005-01-25
I'm D-Man, currently in 8th grade. I have this social probelms where I'm uncomfrontable around pe...
Catfights: Guys Only! 2005-01-18
Have you seen a catfight?
Is Pink the New Black? 2005-01-18
Does today's fashion sense say it's okay for ANYbody to wear a color traditionally restricted by ...
MIDDLE SCHOOL GUYS check this out! 2005-01-18
As a popular guy, would you go out with a girl like this?
4 GIRLS ONLY: bathroom mischief 2005-01-17
This is a poll about all the minorly evil things we girls do that shows that we're not always sug...
do u like school? 2005-01-14
does ne1 like school
Alumni Associations 2005-01-13
This poll is designed to see how many Greek Alumni participate in their local Alumni Associatoins.
Home/Public/Private School 2005-01-13
what type of school do you go to?
High School guys for girls only 2005-01-13
I want to know what girls look for in guys because I dont understand them.