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School Life


Future Plans 2016-10-13
Finding out if students see themselves going to college, joining the military, working after high...
Coming to school missing a shoe 2016-10-06
we are in the 7th grade and my friend came to school to day missing a shoe I ask why he said he ...
SHS Rogers Statistics Classes 2016-09-22 (closed)
A survey to determine the final grade that the students expect to earn for the school year. (but...
Just go in your pants 2016-09-22
How many guys have been told by parents to just go in their pants?
Your thoughts on Standardized Testing 2016-09-22
We are doing a project for Sociology in high school. Our project is over fixing education. We are...
Boys who misbehave in class at school/poll for fathers and teachers 2016-09-21
I am a father with boys who do things on purpose to misbehave or get in trouble in class at schoo...
Boys who take off shoes in school/poll for fathers and teachers 2016-09-21
I am a father with sons who take off shoes in school. This is a poll for fathers who also have so...
Kept in School Uniform at Home 2016-09-11
Hi my name is Ella and i'm 15. During the summer holidays this year my parents decided that I sho...
Spanking in Religious Schools 2016-09-08
This poll is for those that went to private religious schools where corporal punishment was used.
Barefoot at our class reunion - please decide for a friend 2016-08-24
Next summer we'll have another class reunion and I have some kind of a bet with a female friend i...
Do you like to cuss? 2016-08-20
Do you like to cuss?
Question about preteen and teens (girls only) 2016-08-17
This poll will be about how preteen and teens live. This poll is for girls only, boys could go to...
Shoes off School Library. 2016-08-17
Shoes off School Library.
Rules for College 2016-08-13
In two weeks, I (18F) will be heading to college, where I'll finally have some privacy and indepe...
My Punishment for Being Lazy 2016-08-10
Hi I'm Emily and I've been very lazy with school lately. I miss class constantly, and i've let se...
School Ties 2016-08-06
A poll on how you wear your school tie
My school dress code 2016-07-31
I just got my new hand book for school and I was reading the dress code section came to the groom...
Are you a nerd 2016-07-22
Are you a nerd? Do you like wedies? Are you looking for a wedgie master? If yes to any of these a...
college, what should i dip into? 2016-07-20
i've been debating on this for about a year, ive been looking into textbooks and all that recentl...
kids falling into the water fully clothed 2016-06-16
to find out if any kids have ever fallen into the water fully clothed in thier shoes and socks
Paying for college 2016-06-13
This is a poll on how people are paying for their college education.
Lost Swimsuit 2016-06-08
Lost Swimsuit
Why did you start wearing dress clothes? How? When? 2016-05-20
It started when I was 8 because my ma'am (mother) and i went to my friends house and she asked me...
Paddling in Christian Schools 2016-05-07
This poll is for students or previous students who were paddled in Christian school.
Do we need segregated education 2016-04-23
Is our education catered to one race.