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School Life


Shoes off School Library. 2016-08-17
Shoes off School Library.
Rules for College 2016-08-13
In two weeks, I (18F) will be heading to college, where I'll finally have some privacy and indepe...
My Punishment for Being Lazy 2016-08-10
Hi I'm Emily and I've been very lazy with school lately. I miss class constantly, and i've let se...
School Ties 2016-08-06
A poll on how you wear your school tie
My school dress code 2016-07-31
I just got my new hand book for school and I was reading the dress code section came to the groom...
Are you a nerd 2016-07-22
Are you a nerd? Do you like wedies? Are you looking for a wedgie master? If yes to any of these a...
college, what should i dip into? 2016-07-20
i've been debating on this for about a year, ive been looking into textbooks and all that recentl...
kids falling into the water fully clothed 2016-06-16
to find out if any kids have ever fallen into the water fully clothed in thier shoes and socks
Paying for college 2016-06-13
This is a poll on how people are paying for their college education.
Lost Swimsuit 2016-06-08
Lost Swimsuit
Why did you start wearing dress clothes? How? When? 2016-05-20
It started when I was 8 because my ma'am (mother) and i went to my friends house and she asked me...
Paddling in Christian Schools 2016-05-07
This poll is for students or previous students who were paddled in Christian school.
Do we need segregated education 2016-04-23
Is our education catered to one race.
P.E rules for wheelchair kids during primary school 2016-04-23
As i was in an regular school i wonder, how where/are the P.E-rules for other wheelchair users, s...
Have you ever one shoe to school 2016-04-23
I'm the first person on the bus in the morning and was running very late so I just put my shoes a...
Girlfriend want me to wear her school uniform. (forgot log in of previous poll) 2016-03-08
Both me and my girlfriend go to private highschools that require us to wear uniforms. We go to tw...
girlfriend want me to wear her uniform 2016-03-01
Both me and my girlfriend go to private highschools that require us to wear uniforms. We go to tw...
College club president serve as our lowly "intern"? (Lost bet punishment) 2016-02-02
Hi. This is Alex sitting in our club office with Natalie and Angela standing over my shoulder. ...
What does mean the position of the pins of the school kilts ? 2016-02-02
Apparently in US high schools have the idea that the position of the pins that wear the female st...
One shoe every where 2016-01-19
To see how many kids have wore just one shoe to school"My friend dared me to just wear one b...
Shy of being barefoot in front of your school friends (Boys only) 2016-01-18
I am always shy of being barefoot around school friends, so I wanted to know from other people wh...
Boarding school & balls 2016-01-15
<p>If you're a boy, boarding schools seem to be dangerous places for your testicles. <a...
College Students ONLY: Planning or Journaling? 2016-01-11
Just two questions to answer, very simple!
Girls Bathroom Teachers (girls only) 2015-12-31
A poll about that awkward situation where you are in the bathroom at school and a teacher comes in
Falaka in school alternative to paddling 2015-12-29
In schools were paddling is still used, would you agree to substitute it with falaka? Falaka o...