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School Life


One shoe every where 2016-01-19
To see how many kids have wore just one shoe to school"My friend dared me to just wear one b...
Shy of being barefoot in front of your school friends (Boys only) 2016-01-18
I am always shy of being barefoot around school friends, so I wanted to know from other people wh...
Boarding school & balls 2016-01-15
<p>If you're a boy, boarding schools seem to be dangerous places for your testicles. <a...
College Students ONLY: Planning or Journaling? 2016-01-11
Just two questions to answer, very simple!
Girls Bathroom Teachers (girls only) 2015-12-31
A poll about that awkward situation where you are in the bathroom at school and a teacher comes in
Falaka in school alternative to paddling 2015-12-29
In schools were paddling is still used, would you agree to substitute it with falaka? Falaka o...
Best University in Canada 2015-12-16
Gaging people's opinions on the best Canadian university.
What colors are each school subject? 2015-12-16
I've seen and heard many arguments about what color each subject in school is, so I've come to th...
Teacher Randomly Selecting His/Her Students' School Lunch 2015-12-14
This is to see what you guys think about this.
Corner time in schools 2015-12-11
Describe if and how corner time should be applied in schools
School staffs cussing at the students- Is it okay? 2015-12-11
School staffs cussing at the students- Is it okay?
Teacher taking away money from the student. 2015-12-11
Teacher taking away money from the student.
Teachers having issues with students' cellphones. 2015-12-09
This is to see what you guys think about the following questions.
School corporal punishment 2015-12-07
This is to see what you guys think overall on this topic.
Girls Paddled at School 2015-12-07
Information regarding girls who were disciplined in either public, private or Christian schools b...
Are people who don't listen to songs that were popular while teens weird? 2015-12-05
This is to see what people tend to think about songs vs. psychological state of mind.
Should School Have A Required Creativity Class? 2015-12-05
The creative are innovators; they make things that don’t exist come to life. They see what Aver...
Barefoot p.e 2015-12-02 (closed)
I am 14 years old and i want to do p.e barefoot but i am afraid cuz my friend has shoes on.
Group/Team Piercings 2015-11-29
My school choir has a holiday tour coming up and one of the suggestions was that everyone get bot...
Your footwear choice. 2015-11-20
Whilst looking at rules for shoes in school, I have found this, more schools now offer children t...
University Club - (President) Alex has to fundraise after losing wager 2015-11-20
Thanks to everyone who voted in our last poll [http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/605291]. This is A...
kids getting a bath or shower fully clothed 2015-11-19
To find out if any kids dare get a bath or shower fully clothed in their shoes and socks tonight ...
What Do You Like To Do In Your Free Time? 2015-11-18
What Do You Like To Do In Your Free Time?
Do you like school/reading? 2015-11-17
Do you like school/reading?
a dare for kids who are members of the scout movement 2015-11-17
to find out if their are any parents who will video their kids doing a dare for you tube and post...