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School Life


socks at school 2012-05-01
do like to wear socked feet in school, if so , do you like to get them dirty? do you wear them lo...
school uniform gunge 2012-04-23
this is a poll for anyone who wants to or has been gunged with gunge/slime/goo wearing their scho...
Anonymous highschool survey 2012-04-23
Anonymous highschool survey
homework in boarding schools... 2012-04-23
homework in boarding schools...
Texting and the English Language 2012-04-20 (closed)
Your views on texting and its effect on the English Language.
schoolgirls of the 1940's,50's and 60's 2012-04-20
Were you a girl attending a british school during the 1940's 50's or 60's aged 11 or over And did...
Diverse Opinions Concerning Learning Autonomously and Teaching How to Think Instead of What to think
2012-2013 SWRK Club Treasurer 2012-04-19
2012-2013 SWRK Club Treasurer
Middle school poll on elections 2012-04-16
This poll is not specifically for who you might vote for. It is about issues and how you perceive...
AIMS test 2012-04-10
The AIMS test (Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards) is a test that tests your skills in Re...
2012-2013 SWRK Club Members 2012-04-09 (closed)
2012-2013 SWRK Club Members
High School Parties!!! 2012-04-02
In or Out of High School, Always a Good Time!?
Boys PE attire of the 1970s 2012-03-30
My previous polls have concentrated on whether boys wore shorts at all and if they did, what they...
Girls, how big a tease are you? 2012-03-28
Are you made of sugar and spice, or do the boys dread the sight of you? Take this poll and let us...
Statistics Class 2012-03-26
A poll for my stats class
Bra for a teen boy 2012-03-23
Bra for a teen boy
What is the best type of teacher? 2012-03-15
If you're in Elementary, High School, or College, then speak presently. If you've graduated, spea...
Bioethics Group 2012-03-14
Bioethics Group
What do boys really think about playing girls at tennis? 2012-03-14
So there you are in your little white tennis shorts and T-shirt, blushing and breathless and near...
School Uniform 2012-03-14
For people who have to wear a uniform to school, I just want to know people's opinions of it
The Clinton Twelve 2012-03-14
The purpose of this poll is to gauge individuals' knowledge of the contribution made by the Clint...
A hit in the balls 2012-03-14
there's this girl in my class that I fancy. Yesterday we were playing hurling in my garden and sh...
Premarital Sex 2012-03-14
Please answer the questions
School Uniforms? 2012-03-14
Do u have a school uniform. What do u wear?
Effective school punishments 2012-03-14
Punishments at school clearly vary from country to country, from time to time and from school to ...