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School Life


10-13 year old boys vs 10-13 year old girls 2012-06-19
who is stronger middle school boys or girls
What word should I put? 2012-06-19
What word should I put?
Girls' Summer School Uniform 2012-06-08
Even though it's super hot in the summer, my school doesn't have a different uniform in the summe...
Teen girls - bedtime poll 2012-06-06
I think I have an early bedtime but my parents swear it is reasonable, haha. I'm just wondering w...
Are there boys who'd rather play netball than basketball? 2012-06-04
I've seen how frustrated some boys get when they're trying to play basketball, and how badly they...
sock feet in school safety issues 2012-06-04
There are allot who say that it is dangerous to not wear shoes in school because of injury or eme...
What is your Bullying Experience? 2012-05-30
I want to know about your experience with bullying. Join the discussion at: @cali_mcouatt on Twi...
Homework 2012-05-24
Answer these questions about your homework that you have, and if you do it, etc.
How to stop Bullying: A new idea. 2012-05-23
I recently thought of something about how we can curb bullying of kids and teens in school. I'd ...
Schoolboy shorts & braces 2012-05-20
I would like to start a poll to find out whether there any adult schoolboys in Liverpool.
Eggie Awards, yo! 2012-05-18
Eggie Awards, yo!
Højde og Skostørrelse 2012-05-18 (closed)
Vi har et mat projekt om statestik og mÃ¥linger, og skal bruge nogle data om højde kontra skostÃ...
Do you take your shoes off in class at school? (boys only) 2012-05-14
Do you take your shoes off in class at school? (boys only)
Girls wearing shirt and tie to school 2012-05-14
This poll is for girls who wear a shirt and tie as part of their school uniform
My daughters school uniform 2012-05-14
Asking for advice on how I should make my daughter wear her school uniform. I want to make sure s...
School uniform shirts 2012-05-11
Just wondering how people wore their shirts at school.
Teachers who have paddled students 2012-05-11
This poll is for teachers who have used a paddle on their students.
Your School Life 2012-05-10
What is your life at school like?
which specialization - major n minor?? 2012-05-07 (closed)
For IMS, Indore MBA FT - II sem Students only<br> <br> hi guys!!<br> <br>...
PE lesson 2012-05-07
PE lesson
Girls School Uniform 2012-05-07
I'm just interested in what other girls have to wear for their school uniform, and how they wear ...
Punishments 2012-05-04
the other shoe 2012-05-04
This poll goes back to a comment made in a previous poll where I shared losing my shoes because I...
Teenage discipline 2012-05-04
I am just wondering what other people think about punishments
Strict dress code at home 2012-05-04
I am a 15 year old girl. My mom came up with this new idea: very strict dress code at home, that ...