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School Life


Braodhurst/Sutton Visitation Hours 2013-03-14
What is your opinion on visitation hours in upperclassmen residence halls?
Boys lockers 2013-03-11
Boys lockers
shoeless risks 2013-03-11
This poll is for those who like to be without shoes on in school. The concern is that you may st...
Rejections in 6-8th grade in private schools only in Memphis Tennessee! 2013-03-07
Talking about the ways you get rejected!
Boys in shirts and ties 2013-03-05
Boys in shirts and ties
Giving Wedgies 2013-02-25
This is a poll for people who like giving wedgies or recieving wedgies :)
children activities Seattle 2013-02-21
children activities Seattle
Cozy Jungle Summer Party 2013-02-21
To pick a date for the party
College Survey 2013-02-21
For seniors in high school about to make college decisions
Under Armour in school (should I girls) 2013-02-14
Wanted to find out if I should wear under armour in school girls. Im athletic build 6' and 135lbs...
Alternative School Rules 2013-01-29
Which rules would you like to have at your school? If I were headmaster of a school, I would intr...
Problem SOlver Poll for Teens or students. 2013-01-24
A poll for solving problems. This Choose the best answer to each question.
choosing your college 2013-01-23
This is a poll to find out how people choose their college. Please do not answer if you are not i...
Girls tickling boys 2013-01-14
This poll is open for all girls. Guys will get their turn later. Girls, what will you do in the ...
What are your school detentions like? 2013-01-07
What are your school detentions like?
Boys, do you make your girlfriend go to school barefoot? 2013-01-07
Boys, do you make your girlfriend go to school barefoot?
Alternative forms of school punishment 2013-01-07
Nowadays, schools have quite limited possibilities to discipline misbehaving students. Do you thi...
High School, Friends, and Underwear (GUYS ONLY) 2013-01-03
A semi-awkward poll that has interesting questions...
Face Slapping 2013-01-03
I am a teacher in a school , I love face slapping and would love your input on this.
Sagging Speedos (Boys) 2013-01-03
Boys, do your speedos get stretched out and sag? How do you deal with it?
Make your school 2013-01-02
A new middle school has been built and you are in charge of it.Let's see how you run things.
Stocks at school 2013-01-02
My class has to organise the stocks at our school's spring fete. I'm a bit worried that I'll have...
Fair or unjust punishment 2013-01-02
Some girls at school claimed I was looking up their skirts and lifting them up, and the teacher s...
Para quando pessoal? 2012-12-18
Escolham o que da mais jeito
Schoolboy Discipline 2012-12-18
A poll about how an errant schoolboy, 11 years old, should be punished for a variety of offenses.