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School Life


gym class (boys only) 2014-12-08
gym class (boys only)
Forum for bullies 2014-11-14
This is just a poll to invite fellow bullies to discuss bullying at my forum.
Will a modest, shy female please give her REAL feelings to help me write a geek? 2014-11-04
Alice was 19 years old & a 5'1 freshman history geek, the only virgin of her friends & so...
One shoe at school 2014-11-04
A poll to see how many boys have wore one shoe to school are at school and why
Shoe stolen 2014-11-04
I just found this site .I'm 13yrs I'm home to day because I got my shoe stolen after school Thu...
Girls bathrooms and locker rooms (high school) 2014-11-04
General poll about bathroom and locker room routines and habits
Teenage Smoking Habits 2014-10-26
This is just a survey for teenagers about smoking. Please feel free to leave feedback if you so w...
who likes to take there shoes off in class and walk around in socks 2014-10-06
Who likes to take there shoes off in school I always do it but am stuck on where to put my shoes ...
shirt and skin in coed pe 2014-09-19
the poll is about discriminating teams in coed sports
Making Math Moments Matter 2014-09-15 (closed)
This poll is to allow professional feedback regarding the Math Professional Learning provided on ...
Until what age should girls wear overalls instead of jeans? 2014-09-15
Until what age should girls wear overalls instead of jeans?
Why some kids like to lose thier shoe 2014-09-12
This poll is for kids 16 and under I have seen a lot of polls about kids losing are taking off o...
School-Assigned Reading (High School) 2014-09-02
What did you read for school? Americans, Canadians, English, etc. will probably have an easier ti...
Have you ever been grounded from any of your clothes 2014-09-02
I walked in the houses about two weeks ago and my mom told me to give her my right shoe she pu...
Teenboys Swimwear at School 2014-08-25
My teenage friend was interested to find out what teenage boys normally wear before, during and a...
l was paddled in school today 2014-08-13
This is a United States poll tracking midde(jr high), & high school students who received cor...
are you brave enough to wear one shoe everywhere 2014-08-05
I have been dared to give up my right shoe for at least one month nothing on my foot but a white ...
Should I take my friends dare 2014-08-05
My friends are always stealing. My shoe and I hate it but don't let them no I act like it does n...
School Bus seatbelt/harness 2014-08-05
School Bus seatbelt/harness
Car seat 2014-08-05
Car seat
Strict school uniform (For a girl's uniform) 2014-08-05
Do you have a strict school uniform or think people should? Take this poll and tell me! This poll...
Summer School 2014-08-05
Have you been to summer school? If so, answer these questions.
How a residential school or college for plus 16s should be like 2014-07-29
I have found over the years different care homes and schools for autism use a different approuch ...
Being Held Back a Grade 2014-07-29
Being Held Back a Grade
International echange student of opposite gender in a single gender school 2014-07-14
When I was growing up it was reported on the news that a male overseas echange student had aciden...