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Are you really a Christian? 2003-07-16
Test to see how much of a Christian you are?
"Blue" Laws and "Moral" Laws 2003-09-03
A Blue law is a law that prohibits a person from doing something on a day of religious celebratio...
Is religon getting stronger in the last few months? 2003-10-26
Generally, Religon has gotten Weaker and weaker with the passing of the decades However in the...
Noah's Ark - truth, half-truth, or flat-out myth? 2003-12-05
I was wondering what people thought about Noah's Ark and the Flood story. Do you believe it to be...
Non-believers only. 2003-12-08
A poll to find out how non-believers go about their daily life.
abortion, capital punishment, religion, morals, etc. 2004-01-20
This is just a poll on some moral issues.
Is there a god? 2004-02-14
Do you believe that there is a god?
spirituality vs. sex 2004-02-17
This is a poll dedicated to learning what young adults feel in regards to spirituality and/or the...
Your Denomination 2004-05-22
What is your Christian denomination?
Sunday School 2004-08-13
This poll is designed to help me out with my Sunday School teaching.
Religions of the future 2004-12-26
What will our beliefs look like years from now?
Muslim men, do you like gays? 2005-01-31
The general perception is that most muslims are homophobic, which is hardly surprising considerin...
The GOD Quiz Part 1 2005-01-31
Here are quick simple questions to clear some of my doubts about people....
Did religion mess you up? 2005-02-02
Have your experiences with religion while young or later in life cause you emotional harm?
Mormons 2005-03-02
I'm a mormon and have always wondered what others think of us. nobody will ever say what they thi...
Christians and pornography 2005-03-16
Please could people answer these questions very simply, just stating what is the closest to your ...
The Creation 2005-07-26
What version of the Bible do you use most often?
Spiritual Gifts 2005-08-04
Which of the Gifts of The Spirit have you seen in operation most frequently? 1. Word of Wisdom ...
Religious Opinions 2005-09-14
This poll is to see what people think about the different stories in different manuscripts around...
What do you believe in? 2005-12-19
Some questions about your beliefs. Please take time to think about your answers. Thanks.
Non Muslims 2006-03-07
What do non Muslims think of Muslims?
Would you ever convert 2006-04-14
What religion are you now and would you ever convert and to what ?
Saying your Prayers 2006-04-19
Did you say your prayers at bed time, when you were a child?
Is PreMarital Sex an Unforgivable Sin? 2006-05-15
What do You think?
Which was Jesus - God or the Son of God? 2006-06-08
I have heard Christians disagree about whether Jesus was Himself God, or was the Son of God. Sure...