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athiest poll 2011-09-28
athiest poll
Icons in Christianity 2011-10-27
A survey for a speech class concerning the use of Icons in the church.
Barefoot to Church 2012-11-07
This poll is to see if people go barefoot to church or other religious services.
What is your ideology? 2013-03-14
Atheist - Does not believe in God, nor religion Deist - Believes in God, not religion Theist - ...
Religion 2013-03-22
What is your general religious belief?
Religious Affiliations, Beliefs and Bible Preferences 2000-03-20
Below you will find questions related to your religious affiliation/background, specific beliefs,...
Atheism v.s. Theology 2001-01-13
With the seperation of church and state and the secularization of schools,many clergymen are talk...
How Christianity is perceived 2001-11-09
Overrated? Attacked? Misunderstood? Ignorant? What do you think of Christianity in general?
Wicca 101 2001-12-12
Okay, if you think this is full of you know what, just go to another poll, okay? This is just to...
Mormonism 2001-12-27
This is merely a poll to see what your opinion is about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day ...
Religion and Homosexuality 2002-05-23
Hi, I wanted to know how much of a basis religon has on the thought process and exceptance of hom...
Islam in America 2002-11-06
Islam is the fastest growing religion in North America. Why do you think Islam is growing so fas...
How often do you attend organized church? 2002-12-29
This poll is in regards to the frequency of your attendance to an organized, established church (...
The Crusades and Modern Jihads 2003-07-02
Over 900 years ago, in 1095, the first of many Christian Holy wars was launched. In response, Mus...
"Blue" Laws and "Moral" Laws 2003-09-03
A Blue law is a law that prohibits a person from doing something on a day of religious celebratio...
Is religon getting stronger in the last few months? 2003-10-26
Generally, Religon has gotten Weaker and weaker with the passing of the decades However in the...
Non-believers only. 2003-12-08
A poll to find out how non-believers go about their daily life.
abortion, capital punishment, religion, morals, etc. 2004-01-20
This is just a poll on some moral issues.
Is there a god? 2004-02-14
Do you believe that there is a god?
Your Denomination 2004-05-22
What is your Christian denomination?
God and Jesus Christ 2004-08-03
This is a poll whose objective is to know what are your beliefs about God and Jesus Christ. This ...
Sunday School 2004-08-13
This poll is designed to help me out with my Sunday School teaching.
Religions of the future 2004-12-26
What will our beliefs look like years from now?
Muslim men, do you like gays? 2005-01-31
The general perception is that most muslims are homophobic, which is hardly surprising considerin...
The GOD Quiz Part 1 2005-01-31
Here are quick simple questions to clear some of my doubts about people....