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Moslems 2007-07-24
Religious Discrimination
Can you prove god exists? 2007-08-06
Which of these arguments convinces you that god does or does not exist? If there are arguments I ...
Did Jesus Exist? 2007-10-26
There is no historical evidence of Jesus' existence. Do you believe Jesus existed, or was he just...
Your worst vice. 2008-05-24
Recently, I've been showing some interest in morals, so I came up with these two polls. This one ...
Homosexuals and Homosexuality 2008-06-02
A short survey for Christians about homosexuals and homosexuality.
Family prayer, study and worship. 2008-09-10
My parents are very religious (Roman Catholic) and insist we (them, my brother and myself) spend ...
The point of existence is...? 2008-09-10
The point of existence is...?
Who is right? 2008-10-16
It seems to me that the majority of people voting appear to favour an agnostic or atheistic viewp...
Commited Muslim (For Muslims) 2008-12-14
Commited Muslim (For Muslims)
Death Penalty 2010-03-27
I'd like to collect information on religion's impact on a person's opinion... this will be int...
Favorite New Testament Book 2010-05-13
Favorite New Testament Book
Religion vs Atheism 2011-04-08
Religion vs Atheism
athiest poll 2011-09-28
athiest poll
Icons in Christianity 2011-10-27
A survey for a speech class concerning the use of Icons in the church.
Who is/was Jesus? 2012-04-02
I am interested in who people think Jesus is/was.
Catholic Church Poll 2012-05-01
Catholic Church Poll
What is your ideology? 2013-03-14
Atheist - Does not believe in God, nor religion Deist - Believes in God, not religion Theist - ...
Religion 2013-03-22
What is your general religious belief?
Religious Affiliations, Beliefs and Bible Preferences 2000-03-20
Below you will find questions related to your religious affiliation/background, specific beliefs,...
Atheism v.s. Theology 2001-01-13
With the seperation of church and state and the secularization of schools,many clergymen are talk...
How Christianity is perceived 2001-11-09
Overrated? Attacked? Misunderstood? Ignorant? What do you think of Christianity in general?
Religion and Homosexuality 2002-05-23
Hi, I wanted to know how much of a basis religon has on the thought process and exceptance of hom...
Are Mormons Christian? 2002-06-18
Many mainstream Christians claim that Mormans (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-da...
Jewish Poll (JEWS ONLY PLEASE) 2002-10-24
I'm just interested to see what other Jews believe... (I'll probably add more to this when I thi...
Islam in America 2002-11-06
Islam is the fastest growing religion in North America. Why do you think Islam is growing so fas...