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Current Christian Authors 2009-06-15
Please grade the work of the following authors. Only enter a grade if you have read at least one...
Grading Christian Apologists 2009-06-15
Please give an overall grade to the work of the following modern Christian apologists. Please do...
What is your view on atheism? 2009-07-17
I've always been curious of how a persons influences in life affects their opinions on atheism or...
Describing god 2009-08-01
Describing god
Religion - which one? 2009-08-04 (closed)
When you say or think of the word "religion", which one do you ALWAYS think of first?
What would happen if all the religious extremists in the world suddenly shut up? 2009-09-05
Imagine: In an instant all the extremists suddenly had an epiphany and started keeping their reli...
Religion Question 2009-09-05
Want to find out how many people believe in God.
Religion or Science 2010-01-14
We wish we could have both but simply they dont fit together.
Jesus Said That He Is The Only Way To Heaven. Do You Believe Him? 2010-03-26
That the only way to achieve eternal life is by believing in him.
Define 'atheist' and define 'agnostic'. (for believers and non-believers!) 2010-03-27
What is the definition of 'atheist'? What is the definition of 'agnostic'?
Percent of world population going to heaven 2010-03-28
What percent of the world's population will go to heaven when they die?
are you evolutionist, creationist, or both? 2010-03-28
a poll asking the statistics for all people who are evolutionist, creationist, or fit in both cat...
What are your views on Religion? 2010-03-30
What are your views on Religion?
The smarter people get the less religous they are (is it true?). 2010-07-13
Studies say as people get smarter (IQ) the less percentage are religious (we will find out) and w...
How many people between the ages of 10yrs - 60+ would be interested in using a Maori oracle card ...
Defining an atheist. 2011-03-16
So many people have different ideas on the definition of what an atheist is. Dictionaries are of ...
God, Evolution or Aliens: Where did we come from? 2011-04-29
Hi Everyone! I have developed this poll in attempt to understand the popular beliefs of human ...
heaven will be... 2012-04-02
what will heaven look like
simpler or more complex 2012-04-02
how will society be in the mk
are we in the trib 2012-04-02
are we in the trib
What do you think about religion? 2012-06-13
I'm interested to know your opinion for the following questions. You may not skip any of these qu...
Flying Spaghetti Monster Pastafarianism Poll 2012-07-26
Parody religion or real religion? Does the FSM exist? What kind of pastafarian are you?
baptizing your kids in local park pond fully clothed in thier shoes and socks 2021-08-04
to find ou how many parents would baptize thier kids in the local park pond if thier kids asked t...