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What would happen if all the religious extremists in the world suddenly shut up? 2009-09-05
Imagine: In an instant all the extremists suddenly had an epiphany and started keeping their reli...
Chrsition Teen Girl Wardrobe 2009-12-12
What do you think is appropriate for us to wear if we are christions?
Jesus Said That He Is The Only Way To Heaven. Do You Believe Him? 2010-03-26
That the only way to achieve eternal life is by believing in him.
Define 'atheist' and define 'agnostic'. (for believers and non-believers!) 2010-03-27
What is the definition of 'atheist'? What is the definition of 'agnostic'?
Percent of world population going to heaven 2010-03-28
What percent of the world's population will go to heaven when they die?
are you evolutionist, creationist, or both? 2010-03-28
a poll asking the statistics for all people who are evolutionist, creationist, or fit in both cat...
What are your views on Religion? 2010-03-30
What are your views on Religion?
The smarter people get the less religous they are (is it true?). 2010-07-13
Studies say as people get smarter (IQ) the less percentage are religious (we will find out) and w...
How many people between the ages of 10yrs - 60+ would be interested in using a Maori oracle card ...
Defining an atheist. 2011-03-16
So many people have different ideas on the definition of what an atheist is. Dictionaries are of ...
God, Evolution or Aliens: Where did we come from? 2011-04-29
Hi Everyone! I have developed this poll in attempt to understand the popular beliefs of human ...
Religion 2011-12-29
Which one do you follow?
heaven will be... 2012-04-02
what will heaven look like
simpler or more complex 2012-04-02
how will society be in the mk
are we in the trib 2012-04-02
are we in the trib
What do you think about religion? 2012-06-13
I'm interested to know your opinion for the following questions. You may not skip any of these qu...
Flying Spaghetti Monster Pastafarianism Poll 2012-07-26
Parody religion or real religion? Does the FSM exist? What kind of pastafarian are you?
Do you believe that there will be marriage in the afterlife? 2013-07-16
Do you believe that there will be marriage or continuance of your marriage in the afterlife?